Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Whopper Pictures

By popular request, I am now torturing you with more tempting hi-def pictures of the One Pound Whopper, courtesy of Ikhwan Hadi.

L-R: The One Pound Whopper, Double Mushroom Swiss

Satu, dua, tiga, empat.

Open your mouth and say 'Aaaaaahhhh'

Sekarang rasa lapar tak? Ha, apa lagi. Pegi la makan lunch.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

The One Pound Whopper

Yes, I did it.

Burger King Whopper with 4 beef patties, with total meat weight of 1 pound. 1360 kcal. 93 grams of fat.

Present were Ali, Ayman, Fairuz and Ikhwan Hadi. But Ali already had lunch, Ayman and Fairuz weren't satanically possessed. So it was only me and Ikhwan who joined the challenge.

No bra in South East Asia can hold up these two Bahamas Mamas.

At this moment I felt very guilty, as if I was trying to take a peek at Jessica Biel through a crack on the bathroom door.

Jessica Biel stripped bare! Tapi Jessica Biel perut dia tak berlipat. Perut burger ni pulak berlipat empat!

Half way-done. At this juncture, I was already feeling sick.

I planned to take a picture of the last bite, but I couldn't be bothered.

The Verdict: There's a reason why people stop at Double Whopper. If there are too many beef patties, the tomato-onion-lettuce-mayonaise-beef ratio is so distorted, you don't taste the Whopper in your mouth anymore. What made it worse was the beef patties were dry like sand paper instead of being soft and juicy like Jessica Biel.

Want a better deal? Go to Chili's and order their burgers instead. It's tastier and cheaper.

The stats:

Number of bites taken: 12
Calories per bite: 113 kcal
Total calories consumed: 2010 kcal (1 One Pound Whopper, 1 medium fries, 2 medium coke)
Panadol consumed: 2

I wasn't impressed. It wasn't exciting. Experience/Calorie ratio not worth the risk.

I've wrecked my coronary. Back to eating apples.

Photos courtesy of Ali Botak.


Pre-Burger Ride

Batu 18 - Semenyih - Batu 18


The distance didn't make the required 200km ride before the Whopper stunt. So I pushed extra hard during this ride to get more caloried burnt.

The result:

(1) At the end of the ride, I bonked and had to use the granny gear even on flats.

Ali takde kerja because he had to wait for me at the peak of climb so dia cari kerja ambik gambar. Pssttt. Ali dah kuat sekarang nih. He was always waaaaay ahead, tapi kata tak push pun. Gilak ah!

(2) Satu badan sakit. I could abuse
use some muscle relaxant.

(3) I got stung by a bee. Twice!

I think the bee got confused with the honeycomb design on my bib shorts. Or
simply I'm just too sweet *bbuuueeeekkk!!*.

Ali flashing his rare-in-Malaysia Lance Armstrong 10//2 cycling jersey. Tuuu tuuu. Helmet tuuu. MET Estro tuuu!!

p.s: Jangan marah aaaaa. Although I cycled 72km and not 200km, I maintained 1500 kcal per day diet for the past 2 weeks. Except on Sundays when I made it an all-you-can-eat day. And the last time I had fast food was 6 weeks ago.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

This Post Is A Reminder Dedicated to My Future Brother-In-Law

Dear Qayyum,

On the first day of the coming month,
two families will come together and unite as one

On that day, you will be part of the family

On that day, you will take my younger sister's hand and wed her to be your forever-loving wife

On that day, a new beginning is marked, and I wish the both of you an ever-lasting happiness and prosperity

On that day, and that day onwards

And on that day, I understand that you'll be bringing a lot of trays

One may carry the Holy Quran

One may carry a beatifully crafted cake

One may carry a songket fashioned in a shape of a peacock

And since she is my younger sister, and I am still very much single

I expect that there will be few extra trays

Two, three, four extra ones, it doesn't matter really

As long as there is one that look like this

MET Estro road cycling helmet, in white, nevermind the big red ribbon

It's a new 2008 model, so the price I knew not

But why talk about material value

When my sister is priceless to me

Hypothetically speaking, the more expensive the better

Here are some useful links

Here and here

And I will say it now and I will say it again on that day

Welcome to the family

p.s: My helmet size is L

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Of Burgers and Rock

The one pound whopper hype came to an anti-climax when I learnt I have a viva exam on Monday. There goes my trip back home to KL. The nearest Burger King from here is in Johor Baharu. But it's not the food really, it's the company. Kerja gila hanya sesuai dibuat oleh sekumpulan orang gila. Tapi nak buat macam mana, I have to stay back this weekend and revise.

Hadoih la. I can almost taste the juicy meat, the melted bovine fat squirting in my mouth as I sink my teeth into the 4 layers of beef patty. And as the lower jaw sinks in deeper, reaching the crunchy lettuce and firm tomato slices, it gives this manja-manja sense of resistance. All these giving a combo sound effect of 'sqquuiiisshhh-crrrnnccchhhh-chomp-chomp-chomp'. Adduuuiii!!!! Mak datuk bestnya!!!

Not today.

* * * * *

I've been going further back with my music time machine, all the way back to the 70's when metal first started. And I have to agree, all the best metal riffs have been written by Black Sabbath.

Here's a taste of what I've been listening to:

Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert. I've been listening to these guys for almost 5 years now. Top-notch guitar players!

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath minus Osbourne plus Dio). Ni baru lagi dengar.

Image sources:
Here, here, here, here, here and here.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Malaysian, A Myanmarese and A Pakistani Walked Into the OT...

Here's an original one I thought of this morning in the operating theater (OT).

In the OT this morning, there were 1 Pakistani, 2 Myanmarese and 6 Malaysians. What do all these people have in common?

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

In the past 2 months, all of them, at some point, were democratically oppressed.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Breaking The Habit (or Getting Back Into It)

I had my last fast food about a month ago. I'll go on for another week, then I plan to reset the fast food-free counter with this:

The One Pound Whopper

Composite image of a Quad Whopper.

Burger King Whopper with 4 beef patties. 1360 kcal, 93 grams of fat (1450 kcal, 101 grams of fat if you add a slice of cheese).

To enable me to perform such 'stunt', I'm going on a calorie restriction diet for the next one week, clocking not more than 1500 kcal a day. I also plan to cycle a total of 200km by the time I visit Burger King.

Is my plan justified? What's your opinion?


Friday, November 09, 2007

When The Dust Settles

God works in mysterious ways.

The visiting 'lecturer' turned out to be a doctor employed by the Ministry of Health as an MO in the hospital. He is working closely with IMU, as he was part of the uni a long time ago. Turns out he still has some student in him. He is very approachable. Just had to wait until things get warmed up first.

The reason I got bombarded the other day was beacuse I was giving out false information, which was dangerous. So he had to butt in. On his defence, I think his action was fair.

All is well now. Well, maybe not all. But who cares lah.

* * * * *

For the last 2 days, I've been getting the finish line flashback of stage 20 Tour de France. The final few seconds when Daniele Bennati gave out all he had to win the sprint.

Source: www.steephill.tv

Tiba-tiba je terbayang. Tengah makan. Tengah baring. Tengah lepak tengok dinding.

Aduiii. Stressed-up sangat ke aku ni?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What Have I Become?

There are bad days, and there are really bad days.

Today is one of those days.

I had to do a presentation on post-operative fever. Having so little time (blame it on me), I have to admit the quality of the presentation was below average. It isn't something that I am quite proud of.

To add salt to the wound, the presentation was brought forward, so I've lost whatever little time I have to tie the loose ends in whatever I had to say.

To add kerosine to the wound and set it on fire, I think I'm in the lecturer's black list, getting marked by him most of the time.

To amputate the leg and have it fed to the lions, a visiting doctor attended the presentation, and he is heavily involved with this evidence-based thingamajiggy crap (cut me some slacks here, I'm loaded with anger).

To put it in figure, my presentation was basically shred to pieces, crumpled, thrown to the ground, stepped on, spat on and then mixed with a pile of elephant poo.

Basically a nice and professional way of saying "You are stupid, you have no idea of what you are doing. It's even a surprise that you've come this far. Go back home lah, bodoh."

After the presentation, I hustled my way out of the school, furious. I drove back home, speeding obviously. Then at a very busy intersection, some bloody jackass decided to pre-maturely turn into the lane. Pffttt. Batu Pahat drivers.

I made sure I gave him a loud and long honk, supplemeted by a middle finger and an unrehearsed shout of "PUKIMAK PUNYA BABI!!" with a rolled-down window.

All these happened with me dressed in a white coat and a stethoscope over my neck, ID tag still on my chest, within full view of busy traffic of people leaving school.

I sure hope they think it's just Halloween.

This is not me. Not every bit of what happened today. Something must be done.

Ya Allah, give me strength. Assist me in making sure I don't end up as a bum.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Terry Fox Run 2007

It was a tragic comedy. No. Not the run, but what happened that morning.

I had firmly decided that I was going to show up at Terry Fox Run, which made me took a trip back to KL from Batu Pahat. I only brought back my bike (packed in a carrying bag) and a small bag of clothes, just enough for 2 days (nothing I own is in KL. Practically, my parents have thrown me out of the house).

Come Sunday, when I woke up in the morning, my super-efficient domestic helper thought the pile of clothes on the table was meant for wash, so she washed EVERYTHING except for 2 pairs of underwear. Disaster brewing.

I got panic. The next natural thing to do was to look for some stow-away pants. None found. I tried putting on my dad's and brothers' pants. Apparently they don't make people my size anymore.

Bloody hell. I wasn't going to come up with more excuses. No matter what, I have to show up.

So I asked myself, 'What would Terry Fox do?'

Hell, Terry would've just covered himself with anything and go out running.

And the first thing that came to my mind - sarong.

Yes. I put on a bloody sarong and went to the run. I had my mother sent me to the Lake Gardens, and before I left the car, she said "Go out, walk away from the car as quickly as possible."

Gosh. If only I had a ringgit for every person who gave me the eye.

Within minutes I came across Stupe. Aaaahh. A familiar face who can actually help me record this event. So he took this photo for me:

Stupe was with his wife, Aileen and baby Ryan. I had to quickly make a move as I don't want to spoil Ryan, so I said to Stupe I better go 'buy the Terry Fox t-shirt so I don't feel out of place', which was an understatement of the year, really.

Baby Ryan disagrees with my fashion statement.

Ok, enough about me, let's talk about the run.

I wasn't early enough to catch the speech before there run, but I'm sure like last year, it was short, sweet and inspiring.
I am utterly pleased with the turn up. More locals participated in the run this year definitely. A big thank-you-very-much to everyone who came that morning. You have re-stored my faith in Malaysians.

Malaysians!! ATTACK!!!

Cool kid cruising.

This uncle is the man! To those able-bodied people who were having a lie-in that morning, shame on you.

Start them young. Respect them parents. These children are on their first few steps to become runners!

Celebrity sighting. 2 of the 3R. Tini and Rafidah.

Everytime Rafidah appears on TV, I'll go ga-ga-ga for her. If only I had something better to wear, I would've done the 'Hey, how are you doin' maneuver. Only God knows how heartbroken I was at that moment.

Unlike last year, there were more activities to do after the run.

Kids were flocking the sand-art and face painting booth.

Highschoolers hung around the assembly area, gulping free mineral water and munching down free cream puff.

Parents were having fun with their children.

The DJ put on great music from the 80's. Thank God. No sternum-vibrating feng tao music.

Everyone had something to do. Which are all nice things, really. Except the fact that I can't make a clean exit with everyone around!

I spent most of the time either hiding behind an MPV nearby, or sitting on the curb with my bag covering my sarong.

Damn malu lah!

Yep, the t-shirt didn't blend me in with the crowd.

Terry Fox was probably looking down at me, slapping his forehead and went "This wasn't why I ran those marathons!"


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Biar Pacit Tayar, Jangan Pancit Semangat

This week alone, I've busted 2 tubes.

The first one happened when I was recce-ing for cycling route in Batu Pahat on Thursday evening. I hit a piece of metal lying on the road and the front tyre went 'Bssssssssttttttttttttt!!!!!!!' And I was 12km from home with no money in my pocket.

Thanks to Chee Yoong who drove all the way and picked me up. No thanks to the bypassers who did not even turn a concern eye when flagged. I hope a dumptruck rolls over your pet cat.

Second tube got punctured this afternoon. I went for my first proper 'long' ride after raya (OK la, it was only 48km. Long enough lah) at Ulu Langat with Ali.

We we're already on our way back, when Ali gave this motivational talk.

"Kayuh je. Maintain cadence. Sampai bukit je, berdiri, lean forward, kayuh. Nanti ko rasa best gila."

I was geared up.

Orait lah! Here we go!

That was when my rear tyre suddenly went 'Bssstt bssstt bssst bssstt bsssst!!' What an anti-climax.

As if it was planned, I stopped mere meters from a motorcycle repair shop. I was confused. Should I be mad, or should I be happy.

Arrghhh. Mana pulak penyodok tayar nihh.

Brader Pomen: Eh, kecik benar tayar ni bang. Padan le pancit. Tengok le abang besar macam mana.

Aku: Senyap la ngko. Buat kerja tu.

Other pictures taken this morning:

OK (Orang Kuat) Ali.

Two people. One camera. Yes. We stopped and took pictures of each other. Bila lagi kan?

Today was also the second time I rode with my 'Seluar Raya'. I think I will never get use to the feeling riding in a cycling bib. It's weird. I feel fragile, yet strong. No wonder all the superheroes wear tights.

At least they got the name right. Hahaha.

The cycling bib is heavily padded. Now I can safely say that I sort of know how women feel every month. Respect.

* * * * *

Terry Fox Run is tomorrow people! See you there! 9am, Lake Gardens.