Thursday, November 22, 2007

This Post Is A Reminder Dedicated to My Future Brother-In-Law

Dear Qayyum,

On the first day of the coming month,
two families will come together and unite as one

On that day, you will be part of the family

On that day, you will take my younger sister's hand and wed her to be your forever-loving wife

On that day, a new beginning is marked, and I wish the both of you an ever-lasting happiness and prosperity

On that day, and that day onwards

And on that day, I understand that you'll be bringing a lot of trays

One may carry the Holy Quran

One may carry a beatifully crafted cake

One may carry a songket fashioned in a shape of a peacock

And since she is my younger sister, and I am still very much single

I expect that there will be few extra trays

Two, three, four extra ones, it doesn't matter really

As long as there is one that look like this

MET Estro road cycling helmet, in white, nevermind the big red ribbon

It's a new 2008 model, so the price I knew not

But why talk about material value

When my sister is priceless to me

Hypothetically speaking, the more expensive the better

Here are some useful links

Here and here

And I will say it now and I will say it again on that day

Welcome to the family

p.s: My helmet size is L

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Anonymous Ali said...

nasib baik utk org lain yg ko ada sorang je adik pompuan...nasib kurang baik for u sbb ini je peluang ko nak pow cycling stuffs.....

22 November, 2007  
Blogger CT DALILAH said...

does langkah bendul extend to guys also?i thought its only for us ladies...kui kui kui

23 November, 2007  
Blogger senior said...

Sekarang new age lah. hehe.

23 November, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Langkah bendul? ...

23 November, 2007  
Blogger unnickable said...

haha sial.

weh. aku nak gak lah!

26 November, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL!! Funny ; )

28 November, 2007  

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