Monday, July 30, 2007

Feels So Nice

It's been raining since 5am in the morning and it is now almost 1 at noon! The whole of Seremban feels like it's in an air con room. Ok, chill, chill. I'm taking a minute off studying.

Here's a picture sent by Ali. Better get it up before it gets basi.

Team IMU, number 924. Chee Yoong and Me.

Trivia: What am I flashing?

(a) The number 924
(b) Tan line
(c) Flabby arm
(d) All of the above

No points for guessing it right.


Friday, July 27, 2007

The Last of The Second Last

Today is the last day of my second last semester. I've been student for a freaking 9 semesters! That's 4.5 years, 5 years if I include the semester I had to retake.

5 freaking years wei! Most of my school friends are already earning, working, some had changed workplace, twice, some even got fired. None went to jail, yet. Few are married, and a handful are already parents. Demmit! And I'm still dealing with stuff like presentations, lecturers having PMS, even the male ones, and coming up with excuses why I was late to class. Goddeng blardee hell.

And on this monumentous day, I am sick. Me head feels like it's under the weight of an African elephant. My nose is running like the mighty Mississippi. My eyelids feels like they're stapled to my cheek. And it's only 10 o'clock in the morning. How memorable.

I'll be sitting for my final exam in 2 weeks time and it'll be on for 2 weeks. Thus there will be no official update. So you can save your bandwith the next 28 days by not coming here. Yay!

In the mean time, do read the blogs I have on my list of links. I read them everyday.

After this exam, and should I pass it, there's only 1 more semester to go. BOO-YAH!!!

Please wish and pray for my success. Nanti aku bagi hadiah *ehem* MC *ehem* free. Haha.

Time out!


Monday, July 23, 2007

PD International Triathlon 2007

The turn-up was great. Over 700 people participated.

The team did well. Everyone kept to their target.

Foo Chee Yong, swimmer: 1.5km swim time: 40 mins.

Azman, cyclist: 40km bike time: 1 hour 30 mins.

Zailan Yusof, runner: 10km run time: 1 hour.

Semua stock finish on the dot. Nice round numbers.

But the event was marred by a tragedy. Triathlete Zubir passed away in a tragic death during the swim event.

It is a sad day.


The Opening (Al-Fatihah)

1:1 In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

1:2 Praise be to God, the Lord of the Universe.

1:3 The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

1:4 King of the Day of Judgement.

1:5 You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help

1:6 Guide us to the straight way;

1:7 The way of those whom you have blessed, not of those who have deserved anger, nor of those who stray.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Depression Is Nature's Most Powerful Motivator

I planned to wake up early this morning because I had to clerk the patients in the ward. I also had to do a lot of revision. So I thought of a brilliant idea of staying up, not sleeping, study whatever shit there is, and then go to ward before everyone else.

Nice going, Einstein.

At 4:30 am I gave up and decided to take a nap. Big mistake. Bukak-bukak mata dah pukul 8:30. Subuh pun tahap gajah muscular hypertrophy. Worst than that, the doctor was already in the ward. Not any doctor. The nation's top, globally recognized, sarcasm-loaded gynaecologist.

Terus aku tak jadi pegi ward. I fare better if I don't see him that day. At least I know will live one more day. So I headed to the clinic and made myself useful there.

It's a shitty feeling isn't it. The one thing you thought would make your day better turn out to be something that gets you into trouble.

Takpe. The weather looks nice, so I guess aku akan layan emo atas jalan when I pedal to Labu later. Lance Armstrong said in his book "Make everything negative into something positive."

PD Tri is on the day after tomorrow. I'm gamed. My objective is to get first hand experience of what triathlon is all about. I've learnt a lot in PD tri clinic. This Sunday will consolidate my beginners lesson.

Team IMU (Insane Monkey Unit). Sponsored by IMU. I love you IMU.
L-R: Runner Zailan Yusof, Cyclist Azman Rocks, Swimmer Foo Chee Yoong.

I M U!

Haha. Corny. I know.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Whooop whooop!!! After more than a week of blogging hiatus, I'm developing a blogging diarrhoea. Somebody pass me some Maxolon! Enjoy the read!

p.s: I've just realized blogger has a time stamp at the end of each post. So terkantoi lah today I didn't go out cycling. That's ok. Negeri Sembilan cuti on Thursday. So I'll make it up.

p.p.s: PD tri is this Sunday! Biar betik aku!!!


Saturday 14 July 2007

The pipot primates had a ride 2gether-gether on this day. Those who showed up were Me, Ali, Adzim, Faie, Neeza, Azwar, Bacin, Dicky, Abu, Sepol, Fairuz, Kabi and Zabil (ada lagi ke yang aku tertinggal?)

The rest went to Broga. Me, Ali, Faie and Neeza went to Semenyih and made a u-turn. A good 90km altogether. And I am as charred as an over-cooked BBQ chicken. Hitam melegam.

Azwar wrote a report of this ride on his website. But I suggest you guys don't go see it. There's a picture of me with a huge, deep rear camel toe. As Bacin sweetly puts it, "Kemut baeekkk". Hahahaha. Cilakau sungguh.


Tuesday 10 July 07

A monumentous day. On this day, I discovered a loop that allows my to cycle to Labu and back to Seremban without making a u-turn. Here it is, roughly. Reading maps are difficult than I thought, dammit!

A figure-of-8 loop. Takes me about 45km. Give or take.

This is my new playground. Cycling in a loop is better. To me, I'm able to train my mental strength better this way. With a backtracking route, there is always a way to cheat by turning early. In a loop, there's no other way but to look ahead.

Tapi kenapa la sebulan lagi nak pindah baru dapat tahu pasal jalan ni. Hadoihhh.


Sunday 8 July 07

PD tri clinic was scheduled for this day. Ali was supposed to wake me up at 6am, but only did so half an hour later. Bukan pasal dia bangun lambat. He was up by 6, but took his sweet time berak kow kow! Patut la later that day he cycled power-power punya!

As a result, we were quite late to depart. So aku melenjan cukup-cukup kat PD highway tu. Bergegar van aku. Managed to arrive at 7:30 on the dot. But where was everyone? There were only 4 bikes on the rack, and only Eugene Loong and his wife was in sight.

Car pool buddies. Ali and Foo Chee Yoong.

Slowly, people started to show up. More and more familiar faces start to pop up. Ramai betul datang hari tu.

Can recognize people or not?

At about 8:15am, Mr Chan gave a briefing of how the day will go.

"Aaaaa. Don't worry so much aah. Here PD got no fish. Kenyir got. Big like this. Can bite you off easily." *Obviously he didn't say those words.

The swim starts at about 8:45am. I waited at the beach for the swim group to return. There were a lot of happenings at the beach. So I took my time exploring.

Mejar Kalam's boys caught a fish.

Flexing their Steve Irwin muscles, they also caught a jellyfish.

And later a crab!!

The boys must've been really good fish trainers too. After a few minutes, they've managed to teach the fish to swim on its side!

Adrian didn't participate in the clinic that day. So he had some fun with his son, Lucas. But I bet this is one of his first subversive moves to get Lucas into the sport.

The first swimmer came back after about 30-odd minutes.

Kim Yap. She can play rugby with those shoulders! Scrum!

Then the 40km bicycle leg was up. Crunch time (iye la sangat). It was a mass start. Kelam kabut gak rasanya, because I was late waiting for the last swimmers to come out. Tapi bagus gak, baru race simulation ada scene kelam-kabut ginih.

Swarm of bees. I feel so humble to pedal along the superstars.

The first 5km was uneventful. Semua kayuh melow-melow bersama-sama. Then we got near the first junction, the point where everyone is free to henjut sesedap rasa.

I didn't even clear the junction when hell broke loose. I fell down at the slippery junction and got dragged for a good 0.57 meters (2 other cyclist share the same fate). Aduh! All the mental prep I did earlier pun jatuh bertaburan bak pasir di tepi pantai.

I got up and jumped back onto the bike. At this moment, my vocabulary IQ plummeted, as I only had 2 words in my head. 'Shit' and 'fuck' (pardon my French). And my creativity boils down to how I arrange those 2 words in a sentence.

All my plans of drafting in a group and what nots were forgotten. All I had in mind was to get as far ahead as possible. Nak kejar apa aku pun tak tau. I wasn't in a right state of mind masa tu.

One third into the bike course, the superstars are already on their way back. Simon was first to show up, making love with the police car. Then it was Azwar and Eugene Chan working together. Dicky came later alone. Adzim was also alone after Dicky. Semua kuat-kuat belaka.

Route was undulating. Naik turun naik turun. Ada la flats sini sana. I suffered when going up, but a few people ate my dust on downhills and flats. What joy of being heavy. Haha.

Bike leg lasted 1 hour 40 minutes. Kira sendiri lah average berapa. Come race day, I plan to improve it to 1 Hour 30 mins. Mari kita lihat siapa yang kena!

I skipped the running (memang tak plan pun, saje je nak sound kuat), but Ali did the whole course. He is officially now a triathlete. Respect.

There was a lucky draw at the end of the clinic and my bad luck earlier turned for the better. My name was called for a free entry! Cayalah. So I'll be racing for free!! Bacin had the better deal for the day. Dapat Oakley shades tuuuuu.

Me, Chee Yoong and Ali had lunch in Teluk Kemang. Kedai Anjung Selera has the best daging salai masak lemak in the world!

Toluk Komang.

We left PD for Seremban. As we reached home, Ali realized he left his camera at the kedai makan. So we had to drive all the way back to PD to get the camera. Nasib baik aabang tu baik, he kept the camera for us.

Muka lega dapat recover camera.

On our way back, I realized that 2 laps of driving up and down PD from Seremban doesn't even cover 2/3rd of Ironman bike leg! At that moment, the magnitude of Ironman came into perspective. I now have a new-found respect for those who have done Ironman, and especially those who will be doing Ironman for the first time. Nasib baik gua tarik balik plan nak participate tahun depan.

Bacin, Faie, Stupe. Gua salute sama lu!!!


Saturday 7 July 2007

07.07am, 07.07.07.

What was I doing? Terbongkang atas tilam, tido lepas subuh. Memang confirm rezeki tak murah. Haha.

Anyways, Ali came to Seremban in the evening for a sleepover as PD tri clinic will be on the next day. So I took the opportunity to show him around Labu Route. He had a camera with him so I managed to take some pictures from the route.

This is the u-turn point. Oil palm from horizon to horizon.

Monkey A and Monkey B. Monkey A is stronger, that's why he has his bike higher. Walaupun hakikatnya Monkey B is faster.

Ali also has a cyclo-comp on his bike, which proved my estimation of distance is pretty accurate. Labu route measured 42km on the comp, while I estimated it to be 43km. Not bad, eh!

How Ali describes riding in Seremban town, zipping through evening rush-hour traffic: Merempit.

Preng preng preeenngggg!!!!