Monday, January 31, 2011

The Greatest of All Time

Sandakan was hit by a spell of continuous rain for the last 4 days. Much of those time was spent indoors as driving posed the hazard of getting your car stuck in the mud flood. So much so I walked to a restaurant for dinner (something I've never done and should do more often).

Those time spent at home, I was doing research (read: google, wikipedia and youtube search) on Muhammad Ali, one of the world's greatest boxer.

What intrigued me most was that his career took off after he won the gold medal in the light heavyweight boxing in the 1960 Olympics. Underline, caps lock; AFTER.

After winning his first World Heavyweight Championship title in 1964, Ali kept on pushing the limit, attempting to prove that he is the best in what he does and succeeding. Yes, during his fighting days, Ali was loud and annoying but that was his persona. He boldly claims that he's the greatest 'until he's about 50, then maybe others will stand a chance to get him'.

"Everybody stop talking now. Attention!"

Here is a man, who knows no limit. A man, whose balls probably weigh 20 kilos, who used the Olympics as a stepping stone. A stepping stone! The Olympics! Insane or what!? Ali's life story is truly inspirational.

For a quick motivation-in-a-box, watch the movie Ali, released in 2001 starring Will Smith as Muhammad Ali and directed by Michael Mann.

Here is a soundtrack from the movie, which also happens to be one of the best song I've heard probably in the last 5 years or so:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week-1 Report Card

So I've been running regularly for the last one week, eating healthily and eating less, giving up on drinks with calories, getting enough sleep and brushing my teeth regularly. Here is a boost of motivation and maybe a bit of bragging rights.

Any difference? OK la. Tiny bit of bragging rights only la.

I didn't weigh myself because I think weighing scale is evil.

Indeed I feel much better. I feel more energetic. Runs are less painful the day after. My back hurts less. And I don't get hungry even when eating less.

Lets see how long I can keep this going.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue Suede Shoes

I have started running again. Nothing big. A small 1.5km uphill. Macam nak terputus urat perut. Now enjoying a glass of ice-cool air kosong (I've also given up drinks with calories, sigh).

Short term aim: To be able to head bang during Iron Maiden concert in February without tiring myself out.

Mid term aim: Half marathon in Borneo International Marathon in May 2011.

Long term aim: Not die of acute coronary syndrome or cerebrovascular accident. Four months working in Emergency Department, I've seen enough.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Quick Recap

It's been a while since anything was written here. Indeed I've been out of touch with those who frequent here (not saying there are many, but ada lah sekerat dua).

The 'I'm back' I wrote previously doesn't mean I'm back home in KL for good. I'm still in Sandakan. I'm back resurrecting this blog.

To do justice to those time lost, here is a quick update on things that has happened in the last one year or so.

Started work in Sandakan in April 2009. Here is some of the first large batch of house officers. 28 of us when this picture was taken (some were not in the picture). Now there are well over 60. Very happy the family is growing. Less work to do. They train us well here. Almost everyone is capable of doing a spinal surgery.

Here is the Male Medical Ward (MMW), my favourite ward.

MMW on a good day.

Work has been insane. I think I devote 70% of my life to work and another 20% to things related to work, up to a level where self-sacrificing becomes self-destructive. Looking at the big picture doesn't really help when the system is far from perfect. The poster of who's who in the Health Ministry has become my personal Most Wanted poster. So I go micro; change the world, one patient at a time.

This is my house. It's an old apartment. Probably built in the 70's. This picture was taken during the early days. The house is cleaner and more organized now, I think.

And whatever precious free time I have, I tried to make full use of. Here are some hobbies I tried (and for the most part, fail to maintain):


Working out, which didn't work out.

Taking pictures. This is, in my opinion, the best photo I've taken (see, I told you I fail at so many things). Black and white photos memang best. Tak payah risau pasal warna-warna.

Collecting CDs. Original aje ye. This is becoming successful as it is frustrating, because CDs are expensive.

Becoming a foodie. It's quite hard to do this because I keep going to the same place and eat the same food. This is ikan bakar from the *ehem* world-famous Pasar Sim-Sim Ikan Bakar. Ikan Bolu rocks yo!

Tried the travelling thing. It doesn't come naturally to me. The only good thing about travelling is that you're far away from the work place. This is me having an epiphany while being hoisted on a parachute and pulled by a speed boat. Every human being should try parasailing. It's the utmost serene experience you'll ever get (without breaking a sweat).

A lot of things has happened outside my own tempurung.

Brother got married. Game over.

Another brother got married. Another game over.

Best friend got married. Yeah. Also over.

And where was I when all these happened?

Curi lauk pengantin la.

And remember my sister who got married few years ago? She became a mommy, thus I became an uncle!

This is baby Michaelangelo. He's well on his way to becoming a ninja. I can't remember his real name because I keep calling him Michaelangelo.

And it's amazing amidst all these hustle and bustle, I still manage to spend quality time with my...



And more friends:

And also animal:
I've finally managed to like cat. Now at least I can look at one and not feel like giving it a good kick or stepping on its tail. This is Gila. Yes. I call it Gila because unlike other cats that jump when you wiggle something in front of them, Gila jumps at nothing. I think he's schizophrenic. Just look at it. He's definitely psych ward material.

So there. A year or so worth of update. And it's 2011.

Let's kick-start this year with a BANG! Wooot!

This picture is wrong at so many levels.