Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Bake Bread in 5 Tweets

Remember the 2012 resolutions I made? Well at least I'm keeping up with one of it. Baking bread.

In the words of Jamie Oliver, bread-making is the most fulfilling and rewarding experience a man can ever have. And it is very simple.

Is it possible? 5 tweets? Of course. It is really THAT simple.

1. Basic bread recipe: 500g flour. 320ml water. A packet of instant yeast (11g). 2 heaped tablespoon if sugar. 1 leveled teaspoon of salt.

2. Place flour in big bowl. Stir the rest in smaller bowl for few secs. Then add what's in the small bowl into the big bowl. Knead for 10 mins.

3. Dust your hands with flour to lessen the sticking.

4. Let the dough stand for 1 hour (first proof). Then knead again for 5 mins. Divide dough to egg-sized rolls. Place on dusted pan.

5. Let stand for another 1.5 hour (second proof). Pre-heat oven for 10 mins. 180C. Bake for 30-35 mins. Bottom tray.

Done. 5 tweets. Any man can do that.

This recipe makes about 8 medium-ish rolls.

The only downside of basic bread is that it gets stale very fast, because there's no fat. It gets hard as soon as it gets cold, about an hour. So consume it immediately.

But hey, stale basic bread is GREAT stuff to mop up soup, curry or hot milo.

Give it a try.


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