Saturday, November 03, 2007

Biar Pacit Tayar, Jangan Pancit Semangat

This week alone, I've busted 2 tubes.

The first one happened when I was recce-ing for cycling route in Batu Pahat on Thursday evening. I hit a piece of metal lying on the road and the front tyre went 'Bssssssssttttttttttttt!!!!!!!' And I was 12km from home with no money in my pocket.

Thanks to Chee Yoong who drove all the way and picked me up. No thanks to the bypassers who did not even turn a concern eye when flagged. I hope a dumptruck rolls over your pet cat.

Second tube got punctured this afternoon. I went for my first proper 'long' ride after raya (OK la, it was only 48km. Long enough lah) at Ulu Langat with Ali.

We we're already on our way back, when Ali gave this motivational talk.

"Kayuh je. Maintain cadence. Sampai bukit je, berdiri, lean forward, kayuh. Nanti ko rasa best gila."

I was geared up.

Orait lah! Here we go!

That was when my rear tyre suddenly went 'Bssstt bssstt bssst bssstt bsssst!!' What an anti-climax.

As if it was planned, I stopped mere meters from a motorcycle repair shop. I was confused. Should I be mad, or should I be happy.

Arrghhh. Mana pulak penyodok tayar nihh.

Brader Pomen: Eh, kecik benar tayar ni bang. Padan le pancit. Tengok le abang besar macam mana.

Aku: Senyap la ngko. Buat kerja tu.

Other pictures taken this morning:

OK (Orang Kuat) Ali.

Two people. One camera. Yes. We stopped and took pictures of each other. Bila lagi kan?

Today was also the second time I rode with my 'Seluar Raya'. I think I will never get use to the feeling riding in a cycling bib. It's weird. I feel fragile, yet strong. No wonder all the superheroes wear tights.

At least they got the name right. Hahaha.

The cycling bib is heavily padded. Now I can safely say that I sort of know how women feel every month. Respect.

* * * * *

Terry Fox Run is tomorrow people! See you there! 9am, Lake Gardens.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was that you in a kain pelikat yesterday? Powerman gi tak?

05 November, 2007  
Blogger Mohd Shazly Khan said...

i tot i saw u passing by on saturday.. i was at the kedai makan dkt juction bt18 when u zoooom past me. damn freaking fast. must be the bib. nak ajak mkn pun taksempat. hehe

05 November, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man....ko lupa nk tulis yg helmet ko jatuh dr kereta masa ko keluar simpang....

05 November, 2007  
Blogger Jaja Shah said...

azman, ko memang sempoi la. wa caya sama lu!

lumut going?

05 November, 2007  
Blogger Azman said...

Z: Yep. That was me. Haha. Apasal tak tegur? I'm not crazy lah. Haha.

Shazly: No lah. By the time sampai Batu 18, dah slow down dah. No speeding la on Saturday. Light gearing sama spinning je.

Ali: HAHAHAHA!! Aku lupa siod pasal helmet tu!!! Haha. malu gila!

Jaja: Lumut tak pergi lah. Sekarang kat Batu Pahat ni, logistically impossible. Duit pun yillek!

05 November, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Azman, Hello Adam Tice just checking in on ya to see how the journey to Ironman is coming. Looks like you're getting some good cycling and running in. Keep it up.

-Adam T

19 November, 2007  

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