Friday, June 27, 2008

Ray Says It Best

Call it blasphemy, call it masochistic. For everything that men look for in a woman, Ray Charles said it best. Probably he was the only one who could. You can't say no to a blind man. It's rude.

The Legendary Ray Charles
I've Got A Woman

I got a woman way over town that's good to me, oh yeah
Say I got a woman way over town good to me, oh yeah
She gives me money when I'm in need
Yeah she's a kind of friend indeed
I got a woman way over town that's good to me oh yeah

She saves her lovin' early in the morning just for me, oh yeah
She saves her lovin' early in the morning just for me, oh yeah
She saves her lovin' just for me, oh she loves me so tenderly
I got a woman way over town that's good to me, oh yeah

She's there to love me both day and night
Never grumbles or fusses always treats me right
Never runnin' in the streets and leavin' me alone
She knows a woman's place is right there now in her home

I got a woman way over town that's good to me oh yeah
Say I got a woman way over town that's good to me oh yeah
Oh she's my baby now don't you understand
Yeah and I'm her lover man
I got a woman way over town that's good to me oh yeah

A-Don't ya know she's alright
A-Don't ya know she's alright
She's alright she's alright
Whoa yeah, oh yeah oh

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ooh! Lookie What Do We Have Here?

I was going through some old photos and I found this:

This is circa 2002. It's definitely old, evidenced by:

1. The van now has a different paint job.

2. Look closely at the bumper. It has been changed after a serious but stupid accident (those who know my family, yep, Hadi le yang buat).

3. The rear globular mirror is gone.

4. The van now sports a new font for the plate number.

5. Tree is gone too.

6. The neighbour's trash bin doesn't look anything like a bin anymore.

7. This is now painted yellow.

8. This has been properly tiled, also in yellow.

9. In this picture, the bike is still flashy. Now it's a mix of red, black grease, dings and scratches.

10. The bike now uses a slick tire.

11. Black Pallas Jazz shoes. Back from the Scouts days. Still present but with holes.

12. This pair of glasses is one of two identical pairs. Used during pre-U days.

13. This guy is now FAT! Gemok gila nak mampusss!!!

Bersempena dengan kegemukkan yang amat terlampau sekali, saya dengan ini mengumumkan bahawasanya the season is on!

Adusss. Kenapalah aku start season ni lambat sangat. Nyesal nyesal.

Let's see what we can do in 2 1/2 months before the new semester starts.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Silalah Guna Lightning Arrestor

It's raining season in KL, and this time around, lighting strikes more often than luck.

It was raining and I noticed the modem had direct connection to the phone line. So I bypassed the connection to a lightning arrestor. The moment I plugged in the last connection in the line, the sky went CRACK! BOOM! OPOCOTMAKKAU! and the lighting arrestor flickered in tandem.

Nasib baik. Only the arrestor got toasted. The modem is in one piece and working perfectly.

The lesson is, use the lighting arrestor. Save your money from needing to buy a new modem. Gunalah duit tu nak beli minyak kereta dengan beras.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Midwife to a Different Kind

There is an exclusive group of people who can come up to anyone and say "wei, ko pernah tengok scorpion beranak?" And yesterday evening was the moment when I became part of that select group of people.

Yes, Ladies and gentlemen. I have witnessed the birth of scorpions. Scorpionssssss if I may say it correctly. Apparently no sperm cells go to waste as far as scorpion's reproduction is concerned. Mama scorpion literally gave birth to dozens of baby scorpions (scorplings??).

I've included some photos, and if you want to hold your lunch down, I suggest you come back later.

Scorpion sanctuary. Don't worry. This is the feeding tank. There's a larger leisure sandbox for the scorpion to be certified organic.

Mama scorpion from the outside. Note the striking stance and dozens upon dozens of scorplings on top of and under the mother.

Blur closeup of mama scorpion and her babies.

Detailed closeup. Ooh is that an impending vomit I'm sensing?

Mama scorpion wasn't too happy with the flash.

The most active scorpling of the pack. This dude's agility earned him the name Babi, named after the phrase "weh babi terrer gila dia ni panjat dinding". Now we only have to come up with 35 other names. Suggested names are Gila Lah, Sial Lah, Fulamak, Siod, Fuiyo and Pergh.

The proud father of these babies is Hanif, who embraces the lifestyle of ultra-modern men by running away upon learning the birth of his babies. He was at home when they were born, but left promptly and is still MIA at the time of writing. Woi balik la rumah, bagi susu kat anak.

Mama scorpion and her babies are now safe in the hands of Uncle Rizal and Uncle Tawil (frankly, I'm not sure who actually requires the rescuing).

p.s: No attempt was made in concealing the identities of the individuals mentioned.


Daytime picture of the Scorpion Family.