Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Special People?

I found and interesting 'bash-able' article. It's about a person who went to this camp where they'll bring out handicaped children and participants are supposed to go meet them and hug and kiss and maybe even molest these children. They do these so the participants may foster love toward people who are unfortunate. The author broke down in tears when she hears that one crippled kid dreamed of being a football player.

Seriously. Is it a praise to manifest our emotion as such? Is it a show of empathy? Bullshit. 'Special' kids shouldn't be treated any different than any other 'normal' kids. I find it insulting if we show extra concern towards kids with special needs.

Picture this. Abu, who is normal ambulating person, is talking to Jimmy, a 6-year-old cripple who gets around using a wheelchair.

Abu: Little Jimmy, you... you.. you want to eat?? You know, eat. E.A.T. Eat. Eat. Nyummm nyummm nyummm (puts hand in mouth). Are you hungggrrryyyy? Mmmmmmm (rubs belly). Are you? Are you? (Shakes the kid vigorously)

Jimmy: What's wrong with you, man?

I was telling a story to Vijay one day. It was about a psychiatric patient who did something stupid in the ward; she was singing in the ward to anyone who walks in front of her. I was the only one who find it funny, and he didn't. What the hell was wrong with him? Then he said that it wasn't nice for anyone to laugh at the patient because it wasn't her fault she did something stupid. She was at a handicap. I asked him, would he then laugh if someone normal did something stupid. He would. I asked him again, "What difference does it make then?"

By not laughing, we are making a statement that they are different and of another kind. By crying to a girl with kernicterus when she tells you that she wants to become a doctor when she grows up (if she can talk that is), you are building a wall around her. The next time you see this happen in a Jamuan Aidilfitri Bersama Kanak-kanak Istimewa, picture a speech bubble on top of the person who's crying that says "Oh, I'm sorry little girl, but you're retarded. It's not your fault that you are but there's no way you can be a doctor. Because doctors need to be clever, and chances are, you won't even make it to school. Oh, this is so painful. Why must this happen!!!! Boohooo!!"