Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kalau Dah Takde Kerja

Run around town and find these stuff on the list.

Top 100 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time
by Martin Popoff

• 100.Ratt- "Round and Round"
• 99. Judas Priest- "Living After Midnight"
• 98. Quiet Riot- "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)"
• 97. Rush- "2112"
• 96. UFO- "Rock Bottom"
• 95. Iron Maiden- "Revelations"
• 94. Mötley Crüe- "Live Wire"
• 93. Scorpions- "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
• 92. W.A.S.P.- "I Wanna Be Somebody"
• 91. Black Sabbath- "N.I.B."
• 90. Led Zeppelin- "Rock & Roll"
• 89. Pantera- "Cemetary Gates"
• 88. Black Sabbath- "Neon Knights"
• 87. Def Leppard- "Photograph"
• 86. Judas Priest- "Screaming for Vengeance"
• 85. Sepultura- "Roots Bloody Roots"
• 84. Queensrÿche- "Take Hold of the Flame"
• 83. Savatage- "Hall of the Mountain King"
• 82. Iron Maiden- "Powerslave"
• 81. Slayer- "War Ensemble"
• 80. Ozzy Osbourne- "Mr. Crowley"
• 79. Iron Maiden- "Killers"
• 78. Led Zeppelin- "Kashmir"
• 77. Led Zeppelin- "Immigrant Song"
• 76. Ozzy Osbourne- "Bark at the Moon"
• 75. Venom- "Black Metal"
• 74. Iron Maiden- "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
• 73. AC/DC- "You Shook Me All Night Long"
• 72. AC/DC- "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You"
• 71. Metallica- "Fight Fire with Fire"
• 70. Led Zeppelin- "Black Dog"
• 69. Black Sabbath- "Into the Void"
• 68. Rainbow- "Kill the King"
• 67. Metallica- "Battery"
• 66. Megadeth- "Hangar 18"
• 65. Dream Theater- "Pull Me Under"
• 64. Metallica- "The Four Horsemen"
• 63. UFO- "Lights Out"
• 62. Slayer- "Hell Awaits"
• 61. Iron Maiden- "2 Minutes to Midnight"
• 60. Kiss- "Rock and Roll All Nite"
• 59. Van Halen- "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love"
• 58. Whitesnake- "Still of the Night"
• 57. Judas Priest- "Breaking the Law"
• 56. Led Zeppelin- "Whole Lotta Love"
• 55. Iron Maiden- "Aces High"
• 54. Ozzy Osbourne- "Diary of a Madman"
• 53. Black Sabbath- "Children of the Grave"
• 52. Ozzy Osbourne- "Over the Mountain"
• 51. Van Halen- "Runnin' With the Devil"
• 50. Metallica- "Seek & Destroy"
• 49. Deep Purple- "Child in Time"
• 48. Pantera- "Walk"
• 47. Kiss- "Detroit Rock City"
• 46. Dio- "Rainbow in the Dark"
• 45. Slayer- "South of Heaven"
• 44. Black Sabbath- "Symptom of the Universe"
• 43. Judas Priest- "Beyond the Realms of Death"
• 42. Pantera- "Cowboys from Hell"
• 41. Deep Purple- "Burn"
• 40. Slayer- "Seasons in the Abyss"
• 39. Dio- "The Last in Line"
• 38. AC/DC- "Hells Bells"
• 37. Rainbow- "Stargazer"
• 36. Metallica- "Enter Sandman"
• 35. Led Zeppelin- "Stairway to Heaven"
• 34. Black Sabbath- "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
• 33. Accept- "Fast as a Shark"
• 32. Mötley Crüe- "Shout at the Devil"
• 31. Metallica- "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
• 30. Dio- "Holy Diver"
• 29. Judas Priest- "You've Got Another Thing Comin'"
• 28. Iron Maiden- "Run to the Hills"
• 27. Megadeth- "Peace Sells"
• 26. Accept- "Balls to the Wall"
• 25. Deep Purple- "Smoke on the Water"
• 24. Iron Maiden- "The Trooper"
• 23. AC/DC- "Highway to Hell"
• 22. Metallica- "Fade to Black"
• 21. Metallica- "Creeping Death"
• 20. Slayer- "Raining Blood"
• 19. Guns N' Roses- "Welcome to the Jungle"
• 18. Judas Priest- "Electric Eye"
• 17. Judas Priest- "Victim of Changes"
• 16. Megadeth- "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due"
• 15. Black Sabbath- "Black Sabbath"
• 14. Deep Purple- "Highway Star"
• 13. Metallica- "One"
• 12. Judas Priest- "Painkiller"
• 11. Black Sabbath- "Heaven and Hell"
• 10. Black Sabbath- "Iron Man"
• 09. AC/DC- "Back in Black"
• 08. Black Sabbath- "War Pigs"
• 07. Iron Maiden- "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
• 06. Iron Maiden- "The Number of the Beast"
• 05. Slayer- "Angel of Death"
• 04. Ozzy Osbourne- "Crazy Train"
• 03. Motörhead- "Ace of Spades"
• 02. Metallica- "Master of Puppets"
• 01. Black Sabbath- "Paranoid"

Source: Wikipedia.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to Turn a Bad Day to a Good One

1. Get in the car.

2. Wind down the window.

3. Drive to the nearest supermarket.

4. Take your time. Give way to pedestrians. Use a route you've never taken before. It's ok if you're lost.

5. Find the furthest parking spot. The further it is, the emptier the area, the easier you park.

6. Walk slowly to the supermarket entrance.

7. Proceed to the KFC in the supermarket.

8. Line up at the counter with the cutest cashier.

9. Place an order for a set of Dinner Plate. Just before the lady turns around to assemble your order, put on the biggest smile of your day and say "Bagi ayam yang besar-besar sikit ye."

10. Check out the cashier's sexy rear while she's plating your order
(woohoo!). [I know they sell chicken, but is it a prerequisite that workers need to walk terkedek-kedek like a chicken too?]

11. As the cashier hands you the balance, put on your sleaziest smile of the day and say "Terime kaseehhhh."

12. Sit on the table that faces the largest window in the restaurant.

13. Enjoy the chicken.

14. Enjoy the view.

15. Finish up with a piece of tooth-pick as dessert.

I know for sure they serve KFC in heaven.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Bogged with boredom, I haven't been moving my bricks recently (nevermind if you don't get it. It's an IMU thing).

I turned to Rizal and asked him for a solution.

He told me to visualize a very expensive thing that I desire, and focus and the things I have to do to get it. Thus, if I don't do the things necessary, then the dream will be nothing more than what it is.

It wasn't difficult. In a matter of seconds, I thought of Ibanez JEM7VWH. One of the finest Ibanez guitar ever made.

The white, contoured body and slender neck of JEM are analogous to the curvaceous hip of a naked female and her long, dark hair. The silver vine inlay on the fretboard and the gold hardware are the jewelries that she wears.

Click for a bigger picture.

This has to be the sexiest picture of the JEM. A picture tells a thousand words. This one tells me of a woman who wears nothing but her jewelries, and wears them so well. She is sunbathing on the room floor. No, she's not really sunbathing. She's teasing. I can almost listen to her saying,

"Oh, Abang Bond. Jelinganmu sungguh nakal! Come cuddle with me in the jacuzzi."

Hey! I feel motivated already!!

On with the portfolio now!

p.s: I'm sorry I'm not able to cite this picture. I saved it from a website ages ago.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Gone Wrong

I recieved this in my inbox today. I rarely share forwarded emails, but this one is kinda, errrr, daunting. And I take it as, ummmm, a duty to share this with everyone.

I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

This is, apparently, a pack of hairband manufactured and sold in China (why must it always be China when it comes to this sort of stuff. You'll get my point later).
Very colourful, innocent-looking pack of hairbands. According to the report, a pack of ten costs around USD 0.03. Dirt-cheap right?

But wait a minute. Hey what's that?

That colour is very familiar. Where have I seen it?

Wait, wait, wait. Is that what I think it is? Isn't that a... a....



HOLY @#%*!!!!

Yes my friend. In China, they recycle condoms and use them to make hairbands!!

It's also stated in the report that these are used condoms. USED condoms!!!

[insert desired profanity]!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure if HIV/AIDS could be transmitted this way, but shouldn't be much problem for gonorrhoea or syphilis. Imagine those bugs sticking on the condom. And you know girls when they're working their hair into a pony tail or a bun, they normally hold the hairband between the lips. I mean.. I mean.... Aih. This is too much for me to fathom. I can't go on lah. Just use your imagination on how disgusting this is.

So if you had used a similar hairband recently and felt a tingling sensation on your tongue after tying your pony tail, that's the syphilis working their way in. So be careful the next time you buy a pack of hairband.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pocket Rocket Reaches Orbit

Azizul Hasni Awang won the keirin event in the 2008-2009 UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics in Melbourne held today.

Malaysia is very proud of you. Syabas, Azizul!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Damn You, Robert Frost!

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
Only the Multiple Man could travel on both
There is no need to look as far as you could
Or see what's behind the undergrowth.

If one was grassy and showed some wear
And the other appeared less traveled by
Why wait, why ponder, why despair?
There's a reason why people don't travel the other one lah, cheebai!

Robert Frost, you've confused me enough
Pushing me to go against conformity
Why did I even listen to you, Old Gruff?
I was stupid, silly was me.

I shall be telling this with a rankling
With anger, with rage and with wrath
Thank you, Robert Frost for messing -
With my head, my life and my death.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our 5 Seconds of Glory!

The Run In Sarong group received an honorific mention in The Star, Metro Central pull-out today!!

Ok ok. Honorific is pushing it too far lah. It's just a mention, but it has truly made my day. Personally, this is my first newspaper appearance. Feewiiiitt!

L-R: Ali, Upiq, Azman, Ayman, Mac, Arif, May Senn, President Ngae
Standing in front: Arif's Energizer-powered boys.

Taken from The Star Online at

Although I have to point out some misquoted facts.

  1. My first Terry Fox Run was in 2006 but the first time I wore sarong was in 2007.
  2. It was my ever-efficient domestic helper who washed the running shorts.
  3. I am NOT a triathlete. The closest I am to being one is 1/3rd of it, taking part only in the cycling leg (once!); or a triathlete wannabe, depending on which day of the week. Heheh.
  4. Triathletes are Ali, Upiq, and of course, the Ironmen trio, Arif, May Senn and Mr Ngae.
That's it lah! Sarong is definitely here to stay. Yeah!

Overtaking Within

Note beforehand: This post may gross you out. If you can't handle the sight of roadkill, then you can't handle this. Turn around now!


I had corn for dinner on Thursday. Then I had papaya for tea on Friday. But on their way out, the papaya came first, with the corn trailing behind 12 hours later.

Now how in the world did the papaya overtake the corn inside my gut? This defies any logical law of physiology!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Blue Suede Baby Shoes

I've always wondered how I picked up the liking of blues and music that came out in the 70's and 80's.

An unexpected youtube hunt brought me to the answer: Sesame Street. As a kid, I watched Sesame Street extensively. If I remember it correctly, it was always aired every morning at 9am on TV1 after Selamat Pagi Malaysia.

Music had always been an integral part of Sesame Street, and I guess the blues component got stuck on me.

Here are some memorable bluesy music on Sesame Street

The original Mahna Mahna performance.

An excellent blues performance by Mr. Hoots and Ernie.

James Taylor on Sesame Street. At 5 years of age, I couldn't really make out what James sang, so for the longest time, I remember the chorus as "Oh! Kenny come home. Kenny, Kenny come home. Kenny, Kenny come!"

Another priceless piece. I've always felt sorry for Bert.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Terry Fox Run 2008 - Ran In Sarong

We came. We saw. We ran - in sarong.

I am kinda busy with things in the uni so this will be a simple photo-caption post.

Pre-event discussion

2 orang yang tak jadi pakai kain. Hafiz and Fairuz.

Het! Apa ada di dalam?

Bujang Lapok. L-R: Sudin, Ramlee, Ajis.

The President of Sarong Club, Mr Ngae and Upiq.

With the rest of the gang. L-R: Yours truly, Upiq, Ali, Mac, Ayman and Arif. Hiding behind Mac is Adeline.

The crowd.

Mr. Ngae floating on cloud nine.

Walking with sarong in a large crowd. Somehow it feels like Friday Prayers.

May Senn also wore sarong!

We followed the extended route. Just trying to prove a point that 'sarong can run'.

... or can't. Haha. I walked. This was moments before Kenny Sia overtook us. In a futile attempt to rendezvous with him again, I took a short cut. Haha.

Selesai - for this year. Next year who knows. 50 people in sarong?

Post-run. Marilyn Monroe Moment.

We had a lot of fun. Altogether, 12 people wore sarong. It was a lot more than what I expected. Many many many thanks to the sarong wearers! Mucho gracias!!

We are reqruiting more next year!

p.s: Pictures were taken from facebook albums of Ali, Fairuz and May Senn.

p.p.s: I've been travelling to and fro KL - Batu Pahat for 6 consequtive weekends now. Those many hours sitting on uncomfortable Transnasional bus seats has taken its toll. I busted my back and can't move without feeling a dull discomfort on my lumbar. So I'm taking a break from travelling. To my friends in KL, I will see you again probably in mid-December.