Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keris No More

Dato' Seri Hishammuddin has apologized regarding his actions with the keris. So I guess he wouldn't mind this.

p.s: It is so obvious, I'm surprised no one came up with this idea before. No copyright. Feel free to use it, although a plug-in would be nice. :P

Greek Mythology Re-told

A friend of my is currently traveling in Greece. She's probably enjoying herself taking photos with background of Greek temple ruins, admiring statues of muscular Greek gods with small d!cks (speaks volume about the gene pool in Greece).

I'm currently in Greece too, figuratively speaking. I am here to raise hell. I am Kratos. This is God of War II.

God of War II on Playstation 2.

"Lihaklah tuboh aku hok berkatang-katang ni."

Orang jahat yang tak cukup vitamin.

Hambek obat!

Training for 10km.

"Bakpe mulut mung busuk sangak?"

As usual, I'm always the last one to find out about good video games. Same case with Halo 2. God of War was out in 2005. God of War II was out last year. Aku baru terhegeh-hegeh nak main whoa whoa whoa Kratos ni cool siod.

"God of War made me remember why I play video game in the first place"

No doubt.

HUOOORRRGGHHHHH!!!! Makang budok!!!!

*Pictures used without permission from www.godofwar2.com

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monitor Gua Patah

Gua tengah tengok movie kat PC sambil isi baju dalam almari. So nak la adjust monitor kasi dongak sikit baru nampak clear. Gua tolak sikit monitor tu, tiba-tiba terasa ringan semacam je nak tolak tarik. Gua pun naik pelik la, pasal selalu ketat macam taik sembelit. Sekali alih-alih je, tertanggal terus base stand dia.

Macam David Blaine buat magic terapung.

Macam David Blaine buat magic gigit duit syiling.

Macam David Blaine buat magic tido dalam keranda 11 hari.

Macam David Blaine buat magic yang padahal hanyalah musibat menipu orang.

Gua jugak yang lagi terrer dari David Blaine.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

KL International Book Fair 2008

This was held from 4th of April to 13th of April, and I had the privilege to land myself a job at one of the booth there. I had learn so much about book business that I don't mind if they don't pay me. Haha. Kidding, Vincent.

Perhaps the pivotal issue I discovered when working in a book fair is this:

If you like books, you shouldn't work in a book fair, unless you own a book company.

I spent almost half of my pay just to buy books. Here is what I bought:

From that big red book on the top left corner, going clockwise

Pictorial History of Ferrari. I am not a fan of Ferrari, but my brother is, so I bought this for him. Filled with pages after pages of pictures of Ferraris dating back from 1948 till now.

Fitness Cycling. I bought this book for 2 reasons: I had a good bargain on it, and there's a chapter on cycling program aimed to losing weight.

The Complete Guide to Triathlon Training. Again, a book I bought at ridiculously cheap price. I grabbed this one while the booth owner was packing his stuff up. Obviously he couldn't refuse the offer I made. No intention to use this book as yet.

November 1994 issue of The National Geographic magazine to complete my collection. I'm still looking for May 1998 issue. Or was it 1999?

The New Complete Guitarist. The book speaks for itself. The most complete book on guitar playing I've ever come across. A few chapters dedicated on scaling alone. Grabbed it the very moment I saw it.

Merdeka! What caught my attention about this book was that it's written by a Malaysian Chinese man. That made me wonder how independence may have been perceived by a Malaysian Chinese. It may have been different, or it could be all the same. Either way, I'll get my answers.

An Education System Worthy of Malaysia. This is the book I'm currently reading. This book is no BS. Bakri Musa is truly a think tank. I only realized this book is one of the most recognizable book by a local writer after I bought it. At RM20, it's a bargain.

InnerTalk CD. This one is titled Ending Self-Destructive Behaviour. It's supposed to play subliminal messages played at wavelength that would trigger the subconscious mind. It took the sales rep a full week to convince me to buy the CD. In that one week I did some research on subliminal messages, subconscious mind stimulation and what nots. There's loose evidence saying it may work, but what tipped me to the other side was when he made me listen to it. 5 minutes into it, I really felt better, like there's a jolt of powerful energy coming from within. I kid you not. As I was paying for the CD, I joked "Are you sure the subliminal message wasn't saying 'buy this CD, buy this CD, buy this CD'?" He then said "Oh! I should have thought of that!" Hah. Funny old man.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KLIM 2008

On the 30th of March, I joined the 10km run in the KLIM 2008 Torture Fest. It wasn't really a demotion from last year's 21km, but I'm getting comfortable with the fact that running 21km can do me more harm than good. Then again, I am getting too comfortable, as pointed by Mac whom I met for the first time that morning.

Me and Mac were in the runners kandang when I spotted him. I went near and introduced myself.

Then Mac looked at my face in astonishment, and then started looking up and down. He then said "WOW!" with an intonation and expression to match.

So I thought, damn, I must be looking good this morning.

Then Mac did the exact same thing. Look at face, gaze up and down, "WOW!"

Things started to smell fishy, because although I know I look good, I ain't good enough to deserve two wows in a row.

It happened again the third time. Look at face, gaze up and down, except this time, he gave a louder "WOW!"

By the this time, I pretty well knew what he meant.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mac had just discovered something I would say as the most subtle, appropriate, aggressive-passive way of saying "Dammit, you're FAT!" in public. Hahaha. I know Mac. I know.

Lesson learnt, at least for the rest of you guys: When your friend has become noticeably large larger, don't go saying "Weih, ngko dah besar siod" or "Pergh! Berapa kilo naik?" I mean, way to go, Captain Obvious.

Instead, do the Mac (haha, I am so going to patent this term). Drop your jaw, look up and down, say "WOW!" pause for 2 seconds, repeat 3 times. We get the hint.

The run? Oh. It wasn't really a run. I walked most of the 10km, and walked even slower when I came to a traffic light junctions where the traffic was halted. Kasi panas sikit motorists semua tengok orang debab jalan lenggang kangkung depan diorang. That was pretty much it. Really.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Malaysian F1 GP 2008

About a month ago I had the opportunity to witness one of the most exhilarating auditory experience. On the 23rd of March, I was at the Malaysian F1 GP.

There is a famous saying: "If you want to watch the race, watch the TV. If you want to feel the race, go to the circuit."

And feel I did. The ultra high-pitched rev, the Doppler effect, the downshifting, and from where I sit, the rare rumbling acceleration sound, you can't get that from TV.

The best sound award goes to BMW Sauber machines, hands down. Here's a taste of what it feels like, although a 13-second YouTube video doesn't do justice to the real feel:

Pay attention to the first 2 seconds. You can hear the low pitch rumbling, almost never heard on TV. And of course, the downshifting just before the turn, when the BMW Sauber machine goes like 'KA-POW! POW! POW!'

Here is what happened that day summarized in photos.

The crowd was big despite no cheap tickets were sold this year.

And what a patriotic bunch this year. Last year, only two people stood up for the national anthem.

Go! Go! Go!

Video feed of Massa crashing, with the safety crew running for him in the background.

The actual Massa at far right, and live-feed Massa on the giant screen.

Bye. Ferrari memang poyo. Padan muka. Haha.

Rest in pieces. Ferrari and Red Bull.

My best effort at panning. Not good at all. It's almost impossible to look and shoot the cars. I had so many empty shots. They were simply going too fast.

Raikkonen won the race. This Ferrari fan who sat in front of us was over the moon. The red shirt he's wearing isn't a Ferrari shirt. It's some Dubai t-shirt. Way to go you cheapo Pak Arab.

After the race we went to Sepang Gold Coast to fill up the car and ourselves (with food lah, what else).

Sun, sea, sand and Sasha.

Meet Sasha. She's the one who made this whole experience possible. Thanks for the company, and the ticket of course. ;-)

Sunset in Bagan Lalang

A mermaid!

Heaven and Hell.


Read her account of the date (apparently) here.

Will I go again to the F1? You bet I will. Mr. Ecclestone, please keep F1 in Malaysia. If you do, I'll pay for Sasha's ticket next year.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

This is so important, I am actually updating, at the same time, putting my posts on Petronas F1 GP and KLIM 2008 on hold.

If you like sports and want to learn more about it, read on.

KL International Book Fair is happening this week at Putra World Trade Center and will go on until 13 April 2008 (Sunday). One booth you should never miss is booth #4037 by Icon Books. They carry books on sports. Sports science, fitness, specific sports, sports medicine. You name it. If it's sports literature, they have it. From fencing to weight lifting, extreme skateboarding to unicycling.

One section captured my attention; their Ironman series. And you guys will surely be equally enthralled if not more.

The Ironman series consist of:

1. Starting Out (something I hope to get use to)
2. Start to Finish
3. Lifelong Success
4. Lifelong Training
5. A Healthy Guide to Sport
6. Triathlon for Youth
7. Triathlon for Women (Jaja will loooooove this)
8. Supplementary Training for Endurance Sport
9. Cycling for Triathletes (if you already have a TT bike, this will come in handy)
10. The Unbreakable Triathlete: Injury Prevention (priceless)
11. Ironman Made Easy
12. Become an Ironman
13. Nutrition and Endurance (all your questions answered)

A whole library of Ironman. Each book costs RM72, give or take a few ringgit. That's nearly a grand for a whole series. But if the Ironmonyets can work it out, each preson buys a different book and rotate them.

They also carry interesting books on cycling. I bought one myself (hoping at least this will make me cycle regularly).

There are books on running, with a specific book for specific distance; 10/15km, half marathon and marathon discussed in detail. One book was titled 'Learn the secrets of the Kenyan runners' or something like that. I'm not kidding!

Other books include sports nutrition, sports injury (which I wished I had, only if I have more money), mental preparation, sports for children, core training, duathlon, mountain biking, heck they even have a whole book dedicated to goalkeeper training!

The distributor is from Singapore, so if they leave, the books go with them. They do supply their books to local bookstore but in limited number.

So do not miss this rare opportunity!!!

Be there!!!

KL International Book Fair, PWTC.
Now until Sunday, 13 April 2008.
Open from 10am till 7pm.
Booth #4037, Icon Books.

PWTC is accessible via LRT.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to Icon Books. I purely want to share something good with everyone. If you're there, look for me at booth #4141. Kerja part time daaaa.