Friday, December 07, 2007

While It's Still Closed for Cars

I've learnt from Azwar's and Adzim's blog, the Kampung Pandan - Putrajaya Expressway is almost up and ready but still undergoing some final touch ups, thus it's closed to motor vehicle until January. Apparently they turn a blind eye when cyclists use the road. One loop is 70 km (!!). Route profile is rolling hills (!!!!). It's a brand-spanking-new, smooth, virgin road (!!!!!!).


And the next possible time to back KL is during Raya Haji - Christmas holidays stretch. 2 more weekends to get there!! That's 2 wasted weekends in between!!! Aaaarrggghh!! Rugi rugi rugi!!

Astaghfirullah. Amende emo emo nih....


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Help Me Study

I made a new blog. Please visit it and help me study. Help me pass my exam.

This is how desperate I am:

Help me. Save me

Monday, December 03, 2007

Friday, Saturday We Chill on Sunday

Friday: Round-up meeting with the Penghulu Kampung of Kampung Parit Othman, Batu Pahat for the community health screening IMU is organizing mid this month. Most of the kampung folks converse in Javanese among themselves. Gila cool lah Bahasa Jawa. Waras waras waras.

Saturday: Sister's wedding. Highlight of the day, makan benda merapu-rapu and topped everything up with a hefty bowl of kacang kuda rebus. That resulted in a farting frenzy few hours later. Damn bloody hilarious when there's a microphone and huge speakers available. Kacang kuda + PA system = makes you kentut like a kuda. But kacang kuda in English is chick peas. So does it make me kentut like a chick? Hahaha. Jangan harap.

Sunday: 48km bike ride with Ali. Batu 18 - Sungai Tekala - Batu 18. Rupa-rupanya there are more cyclists on Sundays compared to Saturdays. The remnants of yesterday's kacang kuda provided an extra boost especially on flats.

Today: Ada lagi saki-baki kacang kuda. Adui. Kena pasang muffler baek punya.

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