Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jam 3 Pagi di Hospital Duchess of Kent

Halo everibadi!!!

Mind the excitement, I had coffee today. To those who know me very well know that I'm very very sensitive to coffee. I'm so jittery, I have to press backspace every 10 letters.

Currently still using the PC in the sister's room. I'm on call tonight. Admissions are ok. Crazy things happen here in Sandakan. Too many things happen in fact. So much so, the MOs here are pretty cool when handling 'crisis'.

Just an hour ago I was in the labour room taking care of a mother in labour. Her CTG (some fetal monitoring device la) was not so nice. To those who know CTG, it was showing fetal bradycardia, type 1 deceleration that drops down to 65bpm (!!!) and lasts for nearly 3 minutes. Os was only 7 cm (!!!!!!!!).

Back in Seremban or Batu Pahat, people will be jumping up and down trying to hasten the labour. Here, 'wait and see' is observed like eating food, especially by the MOs. I informed my MO near 2am about the patient, she, just woke up from sleep (grumpy of course) came into the labour room, took a look, and was very calm about it. She put on her glove, did vaginal examination, korek-korek sikit. 15 minutes later, the baby came out.


Pernieum intact.

Double amazing.

And talking about opportunities. Here we get that a lot. Studying in Seremban and Batu Pahat, I've only seen 2 eclampsia (pregnancy-induced seizure) in 4 years. Here, I see 2 in less than 24 hours. Happening right in front of my eyes.

Of course things here aren't too rosy. It goes both ways. There are good MOs, there are bad MOs. There are nice MOs, and there are the not so nice ones. But what the heck. That's life. Just chill and enjoy the ride lah.

I better get some sleep while I can. Esok boleh balik after morning rounds. Woot woot. Sim Sim Ikan Bakar here I come!!!!

Aaarrgghhh!! A referral just came in. Prolonged second stage of labour. Gotta go!