Friday, August 25, 2006

Dada ku lapang!!

Yeah baybeh!!!! Aku pass exam!!! YESSS!!!!!!!! Cukup-cukup makan pun, aku tak kisahlah!! Celebrating my hard-earned victory, I'm going to run 10k today.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

When I was small

Okay, so I wasn't really that thin in that picture, but it captured the moment when it was the thinnest I've ever been in years. I was about 95kg at that time. Thanks to the cycling-running-atkin's diet regime I followed strictly. At the beginning of the attempt, I was a hefty 115kg (being noticeably taller than the average Malaysians, I don't look like a barrel, thank you very much). So I lost a total of 20kg. Not bad considering I did it in 2 months. I was ecstatic. That was the first time I dipped below 100kg (the thing I called the Triple D Club [triple digit]) in 5 years.

But now, thanks to the busy schedule, Semester 7 Profesional Exam and depression, I've regained few kilos, inducting myself back into the Triple D Club. In 4 days, the exams will be over and Allah's willing, I'll make the exam. That's when I'll re-start the whole running thing again. Cycling has to wait. There is no way I can cycle on my bike with its current condition.

My ultimate goal: to finish a full marathon event. In between, I'll have some fun.

Bila la aku nak jadi macam ni. Hahahaha. Tak larat beb!!!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Adidas Supernova Control 7: Runner's Review

BEHOLD!! The unveiling of the Adidas Supernova Control 7!!!

It's really nothing much. Runners who are familiar with shoes can rest assured that anyone in this shoe won't be able to outrun them. These shoes are for flat footers. And flat footers are either slow runners or big runners (well, big runners are usually slow runners, so we're just slow). I have both traits, so thanks to Gregor Mendel, I am special.

This isn't the picture of my shoe. I got it from the inter web thingy. On the left is the model for men. You can clearly see the Pro-moderator thing-a-ma-jiggy at the arch of the shoe. A huge deal for over-pronators a.k.a. flat footers like me.

Footscan shows I have a severely over-pronating right foot (mmmm rocket science). So this shoe would not be able to correct my flat foot. But this is the best I can find on the local rack. So tiada rotan, akar juga berguna. But this is no ordinary akar. At RM399, it's more expensive than ginseng. Okay, maybe not ginseng, but tongkat ali definitely.

The moment I put it on, I can feel the support is there. My right ankle doesn't wobble as much when it lands. Good sign. But I still get some pain in the ankle. On the second run I modified the way I land my right foot to correct the slight wobble, but ended up over working my right leg, getting it into fatigue quickly. Tsk, there's motion control, but not enough.

The mesh top is superb. That and the roomy toe-room means it's literally cool to run in this shoe. The Ag ion which is said to be incorporated in the mesh (wooo, I got silver in my shoes) is supposed to keep the shoe nice on rosy. So far, it has been, but it's too early to tell.

Verdict: Flat footers with moderate weight and moderate over-pronation should get this pair. Severe over-pronators, it's back to the endless search of a better pair of shoes. says New Balance 1010 is the most suitable. Good luck finding it.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

If you care...

This blog ranks #412,558,201. Yep, it's way at the tail end of everything. And I presume, the most, only 2 person read this blog. To those who do read the blog, I know you care, which is why you read it. Out of pity, out of interest, out of boredom, it doesn't matter, because at least you care.

So if you do care, please give me multiple wake up calls in the morning and make sure I am awake for the rest of the morning. My final exams are in less than 2 weeks time, and I only see sunlight for 5 hours a day. Not a good indicator.

So if you care, please help me. Thanks in advance.