Thursday, March 29, 2007

PD Half Training

I have to admit, I have not been training enough for PD half, or at all!! KLIM half marathon and PD half marathon are only 2 weeks apart.

The first week was practically a wreckage, because I was still recovering from KLIM aftermath. The second week (this week) I've only been out running once. Even that was a short one. The only form of training that I'm committed to is carbo loading. Haha. But I only eat twice a day, and I am losing weight.... by the micrograms. Nyeh!!

Kerbau loading

I've been trying to run every morning, but thus far, it has only happened once, before KLIM. I have no idea what happened after that. Nak bangun pagi pun susah. Subuh pun sipi-sipi miss. Haih, apa nak jadi ni...

I have to say, morning run is very nice. Although I've only ran once, most races begin in the morning (exception only to Lumut Powerman. 1pm start race?? Gillo. Aku jadi spectator pun penat), so technically, I've done more of it. You get the same feeling of accomplishment, that you've ran 3km or 4km or 10km or whatever distance, while most other people are still sleeping, terbongkang atas katil, probably tired after doing 100m 'freestyle' the night before.

Other than that, I've been listening to a lot of music. On the top of my playlist are Dave Matthews and John Frusciante. Literally 24 hours on the stereo.

Dave Matthews and John Frusciante


Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My blog was mentioned in Kenny Sia's blog!

Kenny will be running the Penang Bridge Marathon in June. This will be his second attempt at marathon, after his first marathon finish in KLIM 2006. He clocked an impressive 6 hours 33 minutes. A totally respectable time for a first marathon attempt. Me? In a marathon? Esok pagi result dah keluar kat suratkhabar pun aku belum habis.

All the best Kenny!


Monday, March 26, 2007

Tag!! I'm it!

Aku kena tag dengan Sasha. Sasha is my batchmate in Seremban. Still single, available and is smoking hot. In our study group, we call her Dr Lisa Cuddy. Sapa mau berkenalan, boleh contact aku. Oh and did I tell you she's a very fast swimmer.

By the way, I'm supposed to tell 6 weird stuff about me, and at the end tag another 6 person. By the end of the month, every blogger on this planet will kena tag. Hahaha.

I'm revealing the first 5 weird stuff gearing up to the grand finle 6th weirdest stuff, which is not only weird, but is grossly bizarre. You've been warned. Here goes.

1. No matter how comfortable the bed is, I will somehow roll off the bed and end up sleeping on the floor. It's a sign that I'm incredible in bed ;)

2. I'm using a simple Nokia dot matrix GSM dual band phone. In this age of 3G, 3.1 megapixel camera phone, ribu-ribu ringgit mobile phone, this is considered weird.

3. I have nearly 3000 MP3s on my computer playlist, but only 2 songs are sung by female vocalist. Aretha Franklin and the girl who sang the Doraemon theme song.

4. My BCG scar looks like a hobbit's backside. And I can make it dance.

5. In 2005 I was diagnosed with chronic appendicitis. Med people out there will know it's a rare diagnosis. Appendix usually gets inflamed acutely.

And the grand finale....

6. When I've done taking a dump and clean myself up, I don't flush first. I take a good look at the pile of poo I made and grade it. I grade it according to size, amount, colour, content and to a certain extent, odour. A good pile of poo would be considerably large, light brown, and the amount of the poo should cover at least 80% of the bottom of the toilet. A great pile of poo should have identifiable bits of food. Corn, watermelon and pucuk ubi is good, but bubur pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) is always the best. They come out unchanged!! I don't usually grade the smell, but if the next person using the toilet yells "HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT IS THAT SMELL???!!!" I know I've done a good job.

I've warned you didn't I.

I'm tagging Bacin, Azwar, Mary, Saiful, Wendy Intan, and Jamil the Eraser.


Monday, March 19, 2007

KLIM Picture

Muka macam nak menangis. Hehehe. Memang pun sebenarnya.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Race Report: KL International Marathon 2007

The day started with a stroke of panic. Chee Yoong was supposed to pick me up at home, but from where he is coming from, the roads were already closed. There was no way he could get to my place. Luckily my brother just got back from his 'aktiviti ronggeng di malam hari'. So I told Chee Yoong to go ahead, and had my brother send me to Dataran Merdeka.

Bought myself a packet of Power Gel, then proceeded to the starting line. RAMAINYA MAKNUSIO!! I couldn't locate any familiar faces. Oh, what the hey. Nanti jumpa la. Few minutes later, the KL Mayor flagged us off.

6:03, azan subuh berkumandang di udara. Ok, time for my subuh prayers. I remembered in school during Agama class, we we're thought how soldiers at war pray (not that they're breeding any freedom fighters, but it may come useful one day. It actually did). So I prayed while running. I wasn't alone. Some stopped and prayed on the sidewalk. Further ahead, I see runners running out of buildings. I can only assume the prayed at the surau. See, boleh buat apa. It's the matter of how important it is to you je.

A lot of people used this side of the number to show their creativity. The best came from Azmar. He wrote there "I'm still a virgin". Hehehe.

The run was pleasant. The nice thing about KLIM is that the route criss-crosses. So I get to see the leading pack where the route crossed. How nice must it feel to run in a pack. But there I was, minding my own business, alone, with my mp3 player crooning on the earphones. Considering its loyal companionship, it qualifies the mp3 player as my girlfriend. If only it had a pair of boobs and a vagina, i would've married the mp3 player.

KL roads are generaly flat. And I've driven and cycled on most of the route, which I consider a psychological upperhand, because I can anticipate what may happen next. I ran slow. Really, really slow. My goal was not to DNF, like what happened in PD half and Putrajaya half.

Everything was fine, until 3 hours into the race. Fatigue set in, and I found myself walking, then running, then back to walking. Near Sogo, I was already very tired, up to a point I ran sideways. Bystanders must be thinking "Gila punya budak." We had to make another lap of 2km to make it an even 21km. The final 1km stretch was the hardest. But I was determined to finish under 4 hours. Not that it mattered, but, hey, sub 4 hours sounds nice.

About 200 meters from the finish line, the primates spotted me. Then semua orang cheered. "Woi!! Azman lah!!" "Go! Go! Go!" I couldn't help it but to smile a bit, walaupun sebenarnya I was in pain. I gave everything I had. My right calf started cramping. Lari tercapit-capit. Ahh bullshit!! I want to cross the finish line in style. So I grit my teeth and swallowed the pain.

Read: Half Marathon Finisher. So what have you done lately?

Alhamdulillah. The digital timer above showed 3 hours 58 minutes. I was happy. I finished the damn race.

I met most of the primates, and met few more for the first time. Stupe, Bean and Harris. It was a pleasure to finally meet you guys.

Few things I learnt from KLIM 2007:

1. I can run for 3 hours non-stop. I can be active for 4 hours non-stop.
2. I am slow because i am heavy.
3. My mp3 player playlist goes for 4 hours before it starts all over again.
4. Adidas shoes rock.
5. Painkillers and ventolin inhaler are runner's best friends.

Plans up ahead:

1. Lose weight.
2. Lose weight.
3. Lose weight.

Official result.

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Race Day

Woooot!!! Finally my DNF streak for 21km races has been broken. I finished the run today!!!

Running time: 3 hours 58 mins and few odd seconds.

Hahahaha. Slow. I know. Tapi janji habis beb.

Report and pictures coming soon.

P.S: Jaja, kasi hantaq gambaq aku!! Gambar orang lain pun ok. Gmail account orait?


Saturday, March 17, 2007

KL International Marathon

I'm running in the Half Marathon event.


Target time: 11 hours 37 minutes. Why? So I don't disappoint myself, again. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.


KLIM Registration Day

What happened today in Wisma OCM restored my faith in Malaysians. There are still breed of Malaysian who are trusting, considerate and above all, kind-hearted, albeit they are very rare.

I left my place at 3pm. Some roads in KL are already closed for the run tomorrow, so you can sort of imagine the congestion in the remaining roads which are still open. I reached Wisma OCM at 4:10 and proceeded to the registration hall.

Little that I know that I have to pay extra RM 20 deposit for the timing microchip. I only brought enough money to pay for the running fees and parking. And I was told firmly by the officials; no chip, no run.

Chill lah, I still had an hour and a half before they close registration. So I walked all the way to Kota Raya, where the nearest ATM machine is. Nasib baik aku masuk ni running competition. Tak kisah lah. Kalau register untuk Jejaka Maskulin (ptuih!) kena buat macam ni, memang sumpah seranah dah aku masa tu.

Alas, semua ATM machine are undergoing some system update, so I couldn't withdraw even a single note. Dammit.

I called Bacin and Mary, asking them if they'd show up later so I can borrow some money, but they've gotten their numbers earlier. Shieetttt. Macam mana ni?

So I went back to Wisma and OCM, it was then 5pm, and put on a pair of glassy puppy eyes, and asked them if they'd allow me to still run tomorrow. They were very firm, and insisted I pay the deposit. I then told them to give me an hour to look for familiar faces around so that I could borrow some money.

Pusing punya pusing punya pusing, all I could hear was "nong kraaap," "sawadi ka," and few other 'kraaaap kraaaap kaaaap' Thai-defining phrases uttered by dozens and dozens of Thai runners. Ada la nampak Steph and Rahimi (orang kuat Powerbar). I know them, but they don't know me. Macam mana nak pinjam duit?

Steph and Rahimi. Agak-agak kalau aku approach korang, korang kasi tak duit? Teehehe. (Gambar cilok-ed from

Dalam dok pusing pusing hall tu, I was approached by one of the FTAAA officials, who had been observing me, and who will later become the hero in this story. He said:

"Saya tengok awak ni pusing-pusing cari orang, kesian pulak saya rasa. Nih, saya bayar dulu deposit tu, esok awak ambik deposit tu, pulangkan balik kat saya."

I couldn't believe my ears. A stranger offering to pay the deposit???

"Betul ke bang?"

"Saya pun runner. Saya paham lah awak rasa macam mana."

He handed me RM 20 and we exchanged numbers. I found out his name is Mr Tee. What a gem among humans. Runners. They're special bunch of people, aren't they. We then agreed to meet tomorrow after the run so I can pay him back.

I drove back home with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Thank you Mr Tee. If we ever meet again next time, the teh tarik and roti telur will be on me. Though words and actions can never justify how thankful I am to you. And, oh, FTAAA rocks!!!!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Not-so-S.M.A.R.T. Tunnel Run

I went, I ran, I finished. That was all that matters. But I have to say the organization of the run sucks @$$.

I'll let the strip do the talking.

Disclaimer: The complaints are valid, but the arguments are purely fictional. Concept and presentation ripped off from Maddox.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Beads of Shitty Coloured Pearls

In our class this morning, everyone was given a topic to present before hand, the first time such thing ever happened in Seremban. Everyone did well. Came my turn, the moment I put my first slide on, the doctor said

"We don't have to do this disease, it's unrelated. Let's move to the other disease you're presenting"

Ok fine, takyah buang masa aku. So we skipped to the next few slides. Then he said again

"We've already done this. Move on. Next slide."

"But doctor, that's all I have."

"You're supposed to do leg ulcers of other causes. Those weren't proper leg ulcers."

"Well, erythema multiforme can present as ulcers on the leg."

"Any dermatitis bad enough can present as ulcers on the leg. What about vasculitis? Do you have that among your slides?"

"Uhh... No."

"Ok then. Next."

Arrghhh!! I stayed up preparing those slides.

After that class, I went for an early lunch because there are more work to be done later. Finished lunch, and was ready to drive back to uni. I cranked the van engine. No sound. Shit. I turn the key again. Nothing. Dammit!!! Must be the battery!! It must be changed anyway, because it has been more than a year and has showed problems before that.

So I walked to a car battery dealer nearby. Met the guy there, let's call him Ah Leong, and told him what happened to my van. He took a good look at me for a few seconds, and continued doing his work. WTF mate!!! I left the place, called Chee Yoong to pick me up. I decided to settle the van later.

Went immediately to the library to get another presentation done. It was then 2 hours before the next class. 1 hour. 30 minutes. 15 minuts. 5 minuts to class, still haven't got them done!!!! Arghhhh!! Mampos lah. Present je.

Gave another lame presentation. "Very big topic. Very simply done." [Sarcastic grin] Thanks. But this lecturer is cool. He covered the potholes I made. So we sat there for another half an hour or so listening to him. While sitting, I wondered. There's something I've not done yet that evening.... Zohor!!!! Dammit!! Aku lupa semayang Zohor!!! Luckily the class finished mere minutes before Asar. Phew. Selamat.

No time to waste, because I still need to bank-in my rent. Called Chee Yoong again, and we rushed to the bank. Arrived there, few minutes before 5pm. The sign reads: Waktu Urusniaga 8:30am-4:3opm. Pundeks!!!! Bukan bank tutup pukul 5 ke!!!

Chee Yoong drove me to town to get a car battery. Got one for a very good bargain. So we went back to my van, put the battery in place. And I put the key in and turned it. "............." Babi!!!! Nothing happened!!! Bukan battery ke??

So I called my personal mechanic, and told him what happened. "Ok, ok. You tunggu situ, saya hantar saya punya wire man." A few minutes later, guessed who showed up. Ah Leong. Aaaahaha. I was starting to lose my mind at that moment.

He checked the battery, and saw the new battery installed, and gave a light snicker, paired with a sarcastic grin. He gave a knock on something, which I presumed to be the starter box, while starting the engine. The engine miraculously fired! He turned it of, and did it again, this time without the knocking. The engine remained still.

He looked at me and said "Lu punya bateri ok. Ini enjin starter suda rosak. Lu esok kasi angkat mari saya punya kedai, sekarang sudah petang. Angkat balik rumah dulu la. Kalau tak boleh start, lu kasi ketuk sikit sini. Kasi itu karbon punya benda sentuh, mau kasi start. Lu kasi try tengok." So I did as he said, and the engine fired. "Haaa, lu banyak terer la," he added. Cilaka lu. Rugi je duit beli battery.

After all those crap, I went back home, and tried to make myself a glass of ice tea. Took out a huge chunk of ice. I usually break ice up using pestel and mortar. But Vijay took it back when he moved out. So I used the hilt of a fruit knife to break it. Whack! Whack! Crack!! The hilt broke!!! Cheebai!!!!!! My favourite knife!!! Aku minum air kosong je lepas tu.

Wise man said, bad luck comes in threes. Lucky bahger!!

And I have an exam tomorrow. Doh!

P.S: Sape nak beli bateri kereta? NS60 Yokohama no maintenance. Aku jual murah murah RM 160. Guarantee setahun, tapi kat Seremban punya kedai la.


Satu Bulan Satu Posting. Gila pemalas aku

February went by, and I only manage to key one posting. This is getting sadly sorry.

Running wise, it has been up and down. Satu minggu lari (siap boleh 4-5 kali seminggu), satu minggu rest. Satu minggu lari, satu minggu rest. Haha. Guess which phase I'm in now? Rest lah. Kena bisul beb!!!! Hahaha. Sebijik, keras, licin, berkilat dan sakit nak mampos. Nak lari macam mana.

The Ironmen-bound are now already Ironmen. Congratulations to Azwar, Adzim, Azhar and Capt Zabil. [Notice 3 of them have names starting with A. Azman ??? Haha. Mimpi la woi.] Multi Ironman Simon Cross finished the race too. Pening kepala doktor dia, baru recover from cracked vertebra dia nih. Hantu betoi. Kuat semangat.

Still busy as hell. Even at this moment, I'm multi-tasking, updating my blog and finishing a presentation. Supposed to be in an hours time. Gila aku ni.

Now I have 3 Ironmen on my link list. I'm a proud Malaysian (sorry, out of context sekejap).