Sunday, November 02, 2008

Terry Fox Run 2008 - Ran In Sarong

We came. We saw. We ran - in sarong.

I am kinda busy with things in the uni so this will be a simple photo-caption post.

Pre-event discussion

2 orang yang tak jadi pakai kain. Hafiz and Fairuz.

Het! Apa ada di dalam?

Bujang Lapok. L-R: Sudin, Ramlee, Ajis.

The President of Sarong Club, Mr Ngae and Upiq.

With the rest of the gang. L-R: Yours truly, Upiq, Ali, Mac, Ayman and Arif. Hiding behind Mac is Adeline.

The crowd.

Mr. Ngae floating on cloud nine.

Walking with sarong in a large crowd. Somehow it feels like Friday Prayers.

May Senn also wore sarong!

We followed the extended route. Just trying to prove a point that 'sarong can run'.

... or can't. Haha. I walked. This was moments before Kenny Sia overtook us. In a futile attempt to rendezvous with him again, I took a short cut. Haha.

Selesai - for this year. Next year who knows. 50 people in sarong?

Post-run. Marilyn Monroe Moment.

We had a lot of fun. Altogether, 12 people wore sarong. It was a lot more than what I expected. Many many many thanks to the sarong wearers! Mucho gracias!!

We are reqruiting more next year!

p.s: Pictures were taken from facebook albums of Ali, Fairuz and May Senn.

p.p.s: I've been travelling to and fro KL - Batu Pahat for 6 consequtive weekends now. Those many hours sitting on uncomfortable Transnasional bus seats has taken its toll. I busted my back and can't move without feeling a dull discomfort on my lumbar. So I'm taking a break from travelling. To my friends in KL, I will see you again probably in mid-December.


Anonymous Day-O Yooyie! said...

hi azmanrock! best nyer! not sure samada u remember me or not...i came n say 'Hi'! year im wearing sarong jugak lah!hehhehe

05 November, 2008  
Blogger Azman said...

day-o: Jom jom. Kita ramai-ramai pakai sarong next year.

05 November, 2008  
Anonymous teek said...

a reporter might ask you in TFR 09: how does it feel to be a leader of a cult? a creator of a movement?

you should prepare an answer now. well done!

06 November, 2008  
Blogger KOOKY KASH said...

Congrats, Man! Korang berani betul.

06 November, 2008  
Anonymous fairuz said...

dammit..xpe, next year aku pakai sarong..mark my words..woohoo..hahahaha

06 November, 2008  
Blogger Ann said...

this is soooo time woman in telekung,errrr..maybe not...

10 November, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah!! congrats!! sgt kagum!! =)

14 November, 2008  

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