Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

This is so important, I am actually updating, at the same time, putting my posts on Petronas F1 GP and KLIM 2008 on hold.

If you like sports and want to learn more about it, read on.

KL International Book Fair is happening this week at Putra World Trade Center and will go on until 13 April 2008 (Sunday). One booth you should never miss is booth #4037 by Icon Books. They carry books on sports. Sports science, fitness, specific sports, sports medicine. You name it. If it's sports literature, they have it. From fencing to weight lifting, extreme skateboarding to unicycling.

One section captured my attention; their Ironman series. And you guys will surely be equally enthralled if not more.

The Ironman series consist of:

1. Starting Out (something I hope to get use to)
2. Start to Finish
3. Lifelong Success
4. Lifelong Training
5. A Healthy Guide to Sport
6. Triathlon for Youth
7. Triathlon for Women (Jaja will loooooove this)
8. Supplementary Training for Endurance Sport
9. Cycling for Triathletes (if you already have a TT bike, this will come in handy)
10. The Unbreakable Triathlete: Injury Prevention (priceless)
11. Ironman Made Easy
12. Become an Ironman
13. Nutrition and Endurance (all your questions answered)

A whole library of Ironman. Each book costs RM72, give or take a few ringgit. That's nearly a grand for a whole series. But if the Ironmonyets can work it out, each preson buys a different book and rotate them.

They also carry interesting books on cycling. I bought one myself (hoping at least this will make me cycle regularly).

There are books on running, with a specific book for specific distance; 10/15km, half marathon and marathon discussed in detail. One book was titled 'Learn the secrets of the Kenyan runners' or something like that. I'm not kidding!

Other books include sports nutrition, sports injury (which I wished I had, only if I have more money), mental preparation, sports for children, core training, duathlon, mountain biking, heck they even have a whole book dedicated to goalkeeper training!

The distributor is from Singapore, so if they leave, the books go with them. They do supply their books to local bookstore but in limited number.

So do not miss this rare opportunity!!!

Be there!!!

KL International Book Fair, PWTC.
Now until Sunday, 13 April 2008.
Open from 10am till 7pm.
Booth #4037, Icon Books.

PWTC is accessible via LRT.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to Icon Books. I purely want to share something good with everyone. If you're there, look for me at booth #4141. Kerja part time daaaa.


Blogger bola2api said...

weh.. buku Nutrition & Endurance tu bagus bangat tau..

15 April, 2008  
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