Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Malaysian F1 GP 2008

About a month ago I had the opportunity to witness one of the most exhilarating auditory experience. On the 23rd of March, I was at the Malaysian F1 GP.

There is a famous saying: "If you want to watch the race, watch the TV. If you want to feel the race, go to the circuit."

And feel I did. The ultra high-pitched rev, the Doppler effect, the downshifting, and from where I sit, the rare rumbling acceleration sound, you can't get that from TV.

The best sound award goes to BMW Sauber machines, hands down. Here's a taste of what it feels like, although a 13-second YouTube video doesn't do justice to the real feel:

Pay attention to the first 2 seconds. You can hear the low pitch rumbling, almost never heard on TV. And of course, the downshifting just before the turn, when the BMW Sauber machine goes like 'KA-POW! POW! POW!'

Here is what happened that day summarized in photos.

The crowd was big despite no cheap tickets were sold this year.

And what a patriotic bunch this year. Last year, only two people stood up for the national anthem.

Go! Go! Go!

Video feed of Massa crashing, with the safety crew running for him in the background.

The actual Massa at far right, and live-feed Massa on the giant screen.

Bye. Ferrari memang poyo. Padan muka. Haha.

Rest in pieces. Ferrari and Red Bull.

My best effort at panning. Not good at all. It's almost impossible to look and shoot the cars. I had so many empty shots. They were simply going too fast.

Raikkonen won the race. This Ferrari fan who sat in front of us was over the moon. The red shirt he's wearing isn't a Ferrari shirt. It's some Dubai t-shirt. Way to go you cheapo Pak Arab.

After the race we went to Sepang Gold Coast to fill up the car and ourselves (with food lah, what else).

Sun, sea, sand and Sasha.

Meet Sasha. She's the one who made this whole experience possible. Thanks for the company, and the ticket of course. ;-)

Sunset in Bagan Lalang

A mermaid!

Heaven and Hell.


Read her account of the date (apparently) here.

Will I go again to the F1? You bet I will. Mr. Ecclestone, please keep F1 in Malaysia. If you do, I'll pay for Sasha's ticket next year.


Blogger bola2api said...

fuyo! azman ada aweksss.....

sasha ni awek yg dari Jelajah Malaysia ke?

15 April, 2008  
Blogger Sha said...

sheesh.. wat an ugly pic of me.. no better one ah?

wat Jelajah Malaysia? :p

15 April, 2008  
Blogger Azman said...

Aini: Gotta use the right term dah sekarang ni. It's Dr Sasha. Heheh. And she's not affiliated in any way to Jelajah Malaysia.

Sasha: That picture is nice what. I keep looking at it every now and then. Mooooaahahaha.

p.s: Sasha and I are both very much single. Who wants her number can get it from me. Who wants my number can get it from her, or from me, whichever way is convenient.

16 April, 2008  

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