Thursday, April 17, 2008

KL International Book Fair 2008

This was held from 4th of April to 13th of April, and I had the privilege to land myself a job at one of the booth there. I had learn so much about book business that I don't mind if they don't pay me. Haha. Kidding, Vincent.

Perhaps the pivotal issue I discovered when working in a book fair is this:

If you like books, you shouldn't work in a book fair, unless you own a book company.

I spent almost half of my pay just to buy books. Here is what I bought:

From that big red book on the top left corner, going clockwise

Pictorial History of Ferrari. I am not a fan of Ferrari, but my brother is, so I bought this for him. Filled with pages after pages of pictures of Ferraris dating back from 1948 till now.

Fitness Cycling. I bought this book for 2 reasons: I had a good bargain on it, and there's a chapter on cycling program aimed to losing weight.

The Complete Guide to Triathlon Training. Again, a book I bought at ridiculously cheap price. I grabbed this one while the booth owner was packing his stuff up. Obviously he couldn't refuse the offer I made. No intention to use this book as yet.

November 1994 issue of The National Geographic magazine to complete my collection. I'm still looking for May 1998 issue. Or was it 1999?

The New Complete Guitarist. The book speaks for itself. The most complete book on guitar playing I've ever come across. A few chapters dedicated on scaling alone. Grabbed it the very moment I saw it.

Merdeka! What caught my attention about this book was that it's written by a Malaysian Chinese man. That made me wonder how independence may have been perceived by a Malaysian Chinese. It may have been different, or it could be all the same. Either way, I'll get my answers.

An Education System Worthy of Malaysia. This is the book I'm currently reading. This book is no BS. Bakri Musa is truly a think tank. I only realized this book is one of the most recognizable book by a local writer after I bought it. At RM20, it's a bargain.

InnerTalk CD. This one is titled Ending Self-Destructive Behaviour. It's supposed to play subliminal messages played at wavelength that would trigger the subconscious mind. It took the sales rep a full week to convince me to buy the CD. In that one week I did some research on subliminal messages, subconscious mind stimulation and what nots. There's loose evidence saying it may work, but what tipped me to the other side was when he made me listen to it. 5 minutes into it, I really felt better, like there's a jolt of powerful energy coming from within. I kid you not. As I was paying for the CD, I joked "Are you sure the subliminal message wasn't saying 'buy this CD, buy this CD, buy this CD'?" He then said "Oh! I should have thought of that!" Hah. Funny old man.


Blogger bola2api said...

berapa ringgit CD tu? terjerat jugak kau ye hahaha

buku IM nutrition tuh sungguh lazat sekali. i haven't started on the "triathlon for women" yet.

21 April, 2008  
Blogger azri fickry said...

Bakri Musa tu ada kalo x silap..kekadang aku baca gak

27 April, 2008  

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