Thursday, March 01, 2007

Beads of Shitty Coloured Pearls

In our class this morning, everyone was given a topic to present before hand, the first time such thing ever happened in Seremban. Everyone did well. Came my turn, the moment I put my first slide on, the doctor said

"We don't have to do this disease, it's unrelated. Let's move to the other disease you're presenting"

Ok fine, takyah buang masa aku. So we skipped to the next few slides. Then he said again

"We've already done this. Move on. Next slide."

"But doctor, that's all I have."

"You're supposed to do leg ulcers of other causes. Those weren't proper leg ulcers."

"Well, erythema multiforme can present as ulcers on the leg."

"Any dermatitis bad enough can present as ulcers on the leg. What about vasculitis? Do you have that among your slides?"

"Uhh... No."

"Ok then. Next."

Arrghhh!! I stayed up preparing those slides.

After that class, I went for an early lunch because there are more work to be done later. Finished lunch, and was ready to drive back to uni. I cranked the van engine. No sound. Shit. I turn the key again. Nothing. Dammit!!! Must be the battery!! It must be changed anyway, because it has been more than a year and has showed problems before that.

So I walked to a car battery dealer nearby. Met the guy there, let's call him Ah Leong, and told him what happened to my van. He took a good look at me for a few seconds, and continued doing his work. WTF mate!!! I left the place, called Chee Yoong to pick me up. I decided to settle the van later.

Went immediately to the library to get another presentation done. It was then 2 hours before the next class. 1 hour. 30 minutes. 15 minuts. 5 minuts to class, still haven't got them done!!!! Arghhhh!! Mampos lah. Present je.

Gave another lame presentation. "Very big topic. Very simply done." [Sarcastic grin] Thanks. But this lecturer is cool. He covered the potholes I made. So we sat there for another half an hour or so listening to him. While sitting, I wondered. There's something I've not done yet that evening.... Zohor!!!! Dammit!! Aku lupa semayang Zohor!!! Luckily the class finished mere minutes before Asar. Phew. Selamat.

No time to waste, because I still need to bank-in my rent. Called Chee Yoong again, and we rushed to the bank. Arrived there, few minutes before 5pm. The sign reads: Waktu Urusniaga 8:30am-4:3opm. Pundeks!!!! Bukan bank tutup pukul 5 ke!!!

Chee Yoong drove me to town to get a car battery. Got one for a very good bargain. So we went back to my van, put the battery in place. And I put the key in and turned it. "............." Babi!!!! Nothing happened!!! Bukan battery ke??

So I called my personal mechanic, and told him what happened. "Ok, ok. You tunggu situ, saya hantar saya punya wire man." A few minutes later, guessed who showed up. Ah Leong. Aaaahaha. I was starting to lose my mind at that moment.

He checked the battery, and saw the new battery installed, and gave a light snicker, paired with a sarcastic grin. He gave a knock on something, which I presumed to be the starter box, while starting the engine. The engine miraculously fired! He turned it of, and did it again, this time without the knocking. The engine remained still.

He looked at me and said "Lu punya bateri ok. Ini enjin starter suda rosak. Lu esok kasi angkat mari saya punya kedai, sekarang sudah petang. Angkat balik rumah dulu la. Kalau tak boleh start, lu kasi ketuk sikit sini. Kasi itu karbon punya benda sentuh, mau kasi start. Lu kasi try tengok." So I did as he said, and the engine fired. "Haaa, lu banyak terer la," he added. Cilaka lu. Rugi je duit beli battery.

After all those crap, I went back home, and tried to make myself a glass of ice tea. Took out a huge chunk of ice. I usually break ice up using pestel and mortar. But Vijay took it back when he moved out. So I used the hilt of a fruit knife to break it. Whack! Whack! Crack!! The hilt broke!!! Cheebai!!!!!! My favourite knife!!! Aku minum air kosong je lepas tu.

Wise man said, bad luck comes in threes. Lucky bahger!!

And I have an exam tomorrow. Doh!

P.S: Sape nak beli bateri kereta? NS60 Yokohama no maintenance. Aku jual murah murah RM 160. Guarantee setahun, tapi kat Seremban punya kedai la.



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good luck with ur studies la. aku baca pun dah pening.

12 March, 2007  

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