Saturday, March 17, 2007

KLIM Registration Day

What happened today in Wisma OCM restored my faith in Malaysians. There are still breed of Malaysian who are trusting, considerate and above all, kind-hearted, albeit they are very rare.

I left my place at 3pm. Some roads in KL are already closed for the run tomorrow, so you can sort of imagine the congestion in the remaining roads which are still open. I reached Wisma OCM at 4:10 and proceeded to the registration hall.

Little that I know that I have to pay extra RM 20 deposit for the timing microchip. I only brought enough money to pay for the running fees and parking. And I was told firmly by the officials; no chip, no run.

Chill lah, I still had an hour and a half before they close registration. So I walked all the way to Kota Raya, where the nearest ATM machine is. Nasib baik aku masuk ni running competition. Tak kisah lah. Kalau register untuk Jejaka Maskulin (ptuih!) kena buat macam ni, memang sumpah seranah dah aku masa tu.

Alas, semua ATM machine are undergoing some system update, so I couldn't withdraw even a single note. Dammit.

I called Bacin and Mary, asking them if they'd show up later so I can borrow some money, but they've gotten their numbers earlier. Shieetttt. Macam mana ni?

So I went back to Wisma and OCM, it was then 5pm, and put on a pair of glassy puppy eyes, and asked them if they'd allow me to still run tomorrow. They were very firm, and insisted I pay the deposit. I then told them to give me an hour to look for familiar faces around so that I could borrow some money.

Pusing punya pusing punya pusing, all I could hear was "nong kraaap," "sawadi ka," and few other 'kraaaap kraaaap kaaaap' Thai-defining phrases uttered by dozens and dozens of Thai runners. Ada la nampak Steph and Rahimi (orang kuat Powerbar). I know them, but they don't know me. Macam mana nak pinjam duit?

Steph and Rahimi. Agak-agak kalau aku approach korang, korang kasi tak duit? Teehehe. (Gambar cilok-ed from

Dalam dok pusing pusing hall tu, I was approached by one of the FTAAA officials, who had been observing me, and who will later become the hero in this story. He said:

"Saya tengok awak ni pusing-pusing cari orang, kesian pulak saya rasa. Nih, saya bayar dulu deposit tu, esok awak ambik deposit tu, pulangkan balik kat saya."

I couldn't believe my ears. A stranger offering to pay the deposit???

"Betul ke bang?"

"Saya pun runner. Saya paham lah awak rasa macam mana."

He handed me RM 20 and we exchanged numbers. I found out his name is Mr Tee. What a gem among humans. Runners. They're special bunch of people, aren't they. We then agreed to meet tomorrow after the run so I can pay him back.

I drove back home with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Thank you Mr Tee. If we ever meet again next time, the teh tarik and roti telur will be on me. Though words and actions can never justify how thankful I am to you. And, oh, FTAAA rocks!!!!

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Blogger bola2api said...

u r lucky Man! n bless that Mr Tee.. he's a star!

19 March, 2007  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi bro, I will definitely lend you the dough if you approached me the other day during the KLIM. Good to know the spirit of compatriot is still strong among the runners.

Be great !

Rahimi (PowerBar)

06 June, 2007  

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