Friday, July 20, 2007

Depression Is Nature's Most Powerful Motivator

I planned to wake up early this morning because I had to clerk the patients in the ward. I also had to do a lot of revision. So I thought of a brilliant idea of staying up, not sleeping, study whatever shit there is, and then go to ward before everyone else.

Nice going, Einstein.

At 4:30 am I gave up and decided to take a nap. Big mistake. Bukak-bukak mata dah pukul 8:30. Subuh pun tahap gajah muscular hypertrophy. Worst than that, the doctor was already in the ward. Not any doctor. The nation's top, globally recognized, sarcasm-loaded gynaecologist.

Terus aku tak jadi pegi ward. I fare better if I don't see him that day. At least I know will live one more day. So I headed to the clinic and made myself useful there.

It's a shitty feeling isn't it. The one thing you thought would make your day better turn out to be something that gets you into trouble.

Takpe. The weather looks nice, so I guess aku akan layan emo atas jalan when I pedal to Labu later. Lance Armstrong said in his book "Make everything negative into something positive."

PD Tri is on the day after tomorrow. I'm gamed. My objective is to get first hand experience of what triathlon is all about. I've learnt a lot in PD tri clinic. This Sunday will consolidate my beginners lesson.

Team IMU (Insane Monkey Unit). Sponsored by IMU. I love you IMU.
L-R: Runner Zailan Yusof, Cyclist Azman Rocks, Swimmer Foo Chee Yoong.

I M U!

Haha. Corny. I know.



Blogger bola2api said...

sejak bila zailan sekolah kat IMU?

20 July, 2007  
Blogger Azman said...

Errr... dia external lecturer. Hehehe.

23 July, 2007  

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