Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saturday 14 July 2007

The pipot primates had a ride 2gether-gether on this day. Those who showed up were Me, Ali, Adzim, Faie, Neeza, Azwar, Bacin, Dicky, Abu, Sepol, Fairuz, Kabi and Zabil (ada lagi ke yang aku tertinggal?)

The rest went to Broga. Me, Ali, Faie and Neeza went to Semenyih and made a u-turn. A good 90km altogether. And I am as charred as an over-cooked BBQ chicken. Hitam melegam.

Azwar wrote a report of this ride on his website. But I suggest you guys don't go see it. There's a picture of me with a huge, deep rear camel toe. As Bacin sweetly puts it, "Kemut baeekkk". Hahahaha. Cilakau sungguh.



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