Monday, January 31, 2011

The Greatest of All Time

Sandakan was hit by a spell of continuous rain for the last 4 days. Much of those time was spent indoors as driving posed the hazard of getting your car stuck in the mud flood. So much so I walked to a restaurant for dinner (something I've never done and should do more often).

Those time spent at home, I was doing research (read: google, wikipedia and youtube search) on Muhammad Ali, one of the world's greatest boxer.

What intrigued me most was that his career took off after he won the gold medal in the light heavyweight boxing in the 1960 Olympics. Underline, caps lock; AFTER.

After winning his first World Heavyweight Championship title in 1964, Ali kept on pushing the limit, attempting to prove that he is the best in what he does and succeeding. Yes, during his fighting days, Ali was loud and annoying but that was his persona. He boldly claims that he's the greatest 'until he's about 50, then maybe others will stand a chance to get him'.

"Everybody stop talking now. Attention!"

Here is a man, who knows no limit. A man, whose balls probably weigh 20 kilos, who used the Olympics as a stepping stone. A stepping stone! The Olympics! Insane or what!? Ali's life story is truly inspirational.

For a quick motivation-in-a-box, watch the movie Ali, released in 2001 starring Will Smith as Muhammad Ali and directed by Michael Mann.

Here is a soundtrack from the movie, which also happens to be one of the best song I've heard probably in the last 5 years or so:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What separates Ali from the rest is EXECUTION

- v.j

02 February, 2011  

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