Thursday, June 19, 2008

Silalah Guna Lightning Arrestor

It's raining season in KL, and this time around, lighting strikes more often than luck.

It was raining and I noticed the modem had direct connection to the phone line. So I bypassed the connection to a lightning arrestor. The moment I plugged in the last connection in the line, the sky went CRACK! BOOM! OPOCOTMAKKAU! and the lighting arrestor flickered in tandem.

Nasib baik. Only the arrestor got toasted. The modem is in one piece and working perfectly.

The lesson is, use the lighting arrestor. Save your money from needing to buy a new modem. Gunalah duit tu nak beli minyak kereta dengan beras.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our modem and laptop oso got struck by lightning tu hari. But the streamyx guy came and replaced it. Yup, kena guna lightning arrestor la. It's the Sumatran Monsoon season acoording to my doter who just learned it in Geog heheh (am I glad she's paying attention in class!) and apparently it comes with loads of thunder and lightning.

22 June, 2008  
Blogger Unknown said...

hi. i absolutely agree with you. its very essential to install the protection system. i hope many are inspired by your post.

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27 August, 2012  

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