Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Worldwide Pants

As I was (still am) packing for my trip to KK, I came across something I had not seen for quite a while.

My pants before I began my 'Final Frontier'. With much malu tersipu-sipu, those are with a 46-inch waist. Got a few pair of those before coming to Sandakan.

I use to fit snuggly in them. Colours pun buleh tahan. Black, beige and brown. Konon jejaka terkini lah.

Taadaa! Sekarang sesuai dibuat pakaian untuk anak-anak yang baru berkhatan. Roomy dan anti-friction.

I think it is time I let go of my past and brace for a better, healthier future.

Good bye pants. I will miss you, I wish you well and I hope to never see you again. :)

To those who are geared to change your life, I endorse it 100%. Borrowing from what Simon Cross has said, don't wait for Monday, don't wait for a new month, DO IT NOW!

And get ready for a brand new discovery! Hahaha. Gambar ni memang WINRAR capub kuasa dua. Haha.

To Kota Kinabalu with a mission!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude. with all due respect.

Remember september. hheheheh

- u know who

26 April, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

remember, remember. the month of september. when crossing the bridge happened not. the spirit from the deal lives on and it shall never be forgot.

27 April, 2011  
Blogger Jaja Shah said...

fuyooo cayalah! dan nampak semakin ensem, eceh!

05 May, 2011  

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