Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Final Frontier World Tour, Finally

Terlupa pulak nama blog ni azmanrocks.

Yaaa. It means Azman listens to Rock. Ini kali rock yang keras sikit. Keras sampai jadi besi. Dan besi itu logam, dan logam itu METAL!!

This has been delayed far too long, but the excitement of that night can still be felt.

The Iron Maiden.

I saw them live. It was surreal. It was unbelievable.

This is an account of the trip that started it all. In some ways, this journey changed my life.

15 Feb 2011. I will never forget that date. The day started with a super smooth taxi ride to KL Sentral. Smooth sebab hari tu public holiday. Journey partner is metalhead Ismail, member sekolah, juga ahli geng Meggi Goreng Bukit Indah. At the airport met Doc Hisyam, who was also flying to Singapore to catch Iron Maiden.

First meal dekat Singapore. Nasi Beriyani Zam Zam. Naik MRT, lepas tu jalan kaki semata-mata nak makan kat sini. There is a mosque opposite the restaurant, so singgah semayang Zuhur + Asar jama'. Elok tengah pakai kasut nak chow, azan Asar berkumandang. On the way out ada pakcik tegur "Jom semayang sekali." Errr... macam mana aku nak jawab kat pakcik ni aku dah semayang. Ah main jawab je la. Dengan baju hitam Iron Maiden berkepala syaitan, aku tak rasa dia percaya. Haha.

At the stadium, met with this crazy group of metalheads. They have been lining up since the previous night! Nampaknya bukan aku sorang je Iron Maiden fan yang juga merupakan seorang geek tersohor.

Haaaa. Benda ni aku memang tak puas hati. LAMC (the organizer) apparently managed the entrance for Pen A ticker holders (read: tiket yang paling mahal malam tu) very very poorly. Mula-mula kitorang dah beratur dekat satu area, which in the end memang entrance yang sebenar pun. Tapi signage merapu-meraban. No one had any idea where to line up.

So they make us tukar tempat beratur lagi. Semua rushing nak line up depan sekali.

Lepas tu tukar lagi! Suruh pulak beratur belakang barricade kuning tu.

Tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu. Berapa lama mau tunggu daaa.

Mael pun dah naik bosan.

Still waiting. Sampai botak brader depan aku.

Lepas tu, suruh lagi tukar tempat beratur kat luar!! Anak harun betul.

Last-last sekali, with all the beratur and shifting, ORANG YANG BERATUR BELAKANG YANG MASUK DULU!!! Aku rasa metalheads kat Singapore and Malaysia ni memang dari breed yang sopan santun ah. Kalau tah, memang lama dah kena hentak organizer nih (pergh, ayat ganaz!).

But all the frustrations subsided once we got into the concert hall. The opening band was already playing. Rise To Remain, headed by Bruce Dickinson's son. Tapi tak layan la metalcore ni. Can't even make out the lyrics. Vocals semua bunyi 'OOORRRRHHH OOORRRHH ORRHHH OOOORRRRHHHHHHH!!!!!!' je. Masa mula-mula masuk, agak terkebelakang jugak la.

Punya ramai makhluk!

Mael dah penat tunggu. Sesi karaoke masa lining up kat luar, sape tak penat oi.

Tapi kepenatan tu hilang once Satellite 15 started playing. Satellite 15 was played from a recording track. Can't help to think how majorly awesome it is if it was played live. Semua start angkat tangan, falshing the devil horn sign.

Few moments later, THE IRON MAIDEN HAS ARRIVED!! Surreal. Bruce, Steve, Adrian, Janick, Dave and Nicko were right in front of my eyes! First song was The Final Frontier. What an epic opening.

Look closely at Bruce. He loves that spot, right in front of the bass drum. Agaknya best rasa gegaran kat situ.

Dance of Death. The first song that made the crowd go 'OOOOO OOOO OOO OOOOOOO!!!' This song is like an incantation. Macam wiseman atas bukit tengah baca jampi.

The Trooper! Nah!! Makan bendera nih!

When the Wild Wind Blows. Intro yang mellow, siap boleh duduk lagi. Lagu ni best. One of my favourites from the new album.

"Yaa.. Yaaa.. Tima kasseeyyy!"

This is as close as I got to the stage. About 10 people away. I can't push any further. Steve Harris looking good!

"Scream for me, Singapore!!"

This picture was taken close to the song "Fear of The Dark". By far, the best song from Iron Maiden to me. The sing-a-long "OOO OOO OOO OOO OOO OO OOOOOO!!!" makes you feel you're a part of the band. No pictures taken during the song. Too busy melayan head banging.

This was during encore. Hallowed Be Thy Name. Excellent excellent excellent.

Mael akhirnya muka puas hati.

Bersantai kat Changi Airport. The most comfortable reclining chair I've ever sat on.

Photos from Mael's camera:

Jumpa je group pakai baju Maiden, stop amik gambar. Diorang ni dari KL.

Bruce Dickinson

Steve Harris.

Dave Murray

Janick Gers!!

The only picture with Nicko McBrain's face. Tuuu ha belakang drum set tu.

Adrian Smith.

Muka puas hati plus plus plus.

Pemenang award baju paling unique. No one else wore this print on that day.

Abang-abang metal from Penang. Nampak ganazzssxxx. Baik hati je semua orang ni.

Nasi Beriyani Imam. Kat sebelah backpackers hostel. Mantap. Ehem, notice gua minum air kosong aje ye. Prinsip mesti ditegakkan.

It was the anticipation of this concert that made me start eating healthy, running regularly and generally lead a more healthy, sustainable life. The Final Frontier aptly captures this journey. This is My Final Frontier. It's either this, or nothing at all.

It was an experience of a lifetime. Thank you, Iron Maiden. Through the hardest times and the lowest lows, your songs have pulled me out of the slums of darkness and kept my going further.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I like the way u blog. write more pleaseee

21 April, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good shit man

- Vijay Megadeth Kumar

21 April, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

anon: thanks. i'll try to find time.. and hopefully some substance too.

vijay: HAHAHA. megadeth my candy @$$!!!

21 April, 2011  

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