Saturday, March 12, 2011

Here Comes 6 Again

Borneo International Marathon will be 6 weekends away. That's excluding this weekend as I am currently in my favourite phase of training called 'rest', enduring my least favourite part of training called 'injury' and 'falling sick'.

In my last 2 runs, I really took it hard. The former run, I did my fastest run ever [(I think) which is still relatively slow] and the latter run, I ran the longest since.... since... 4 years ago maybe.

In between those two, I was down with a fever, and at the moment, I'm nursing two painful knees, which I think is caused by bursitis. Things are okay when I walk, but when I kneel in prayer or walk down the stairs, my knees feel like bursting.

Bursitis is no good. It means I'm going too fast, too soon, and I don't have much time left!

Poetically, I was brewing a new training strategy while sipping tea - without sugar of course - in a teahouse (very the orang puteh). Harap-harap menjadi lah.

Solution to my problems are:

  • Drop more weight
  • Do stretching exercises everyday
  • Core muscles strengthening 3 times a week
  • Tempo running on weekdays
  • Distance running on weekends (Sandakan gets less daylight. It's pitch black by 6:30pm. Work ends at 5. That's major bummer)
  • Low-cal, low-fat, high-protein, good quality carbohydrate, once-a-day diet. Fruit snacks when I'm hungry.
No pictures today, the laptop just recovered from a flu as well and I'm still putting stuff into place. Everything's a mess. But here's a video:

Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man

Something I listen to again and again when running.

"Your time will come! Your time will come!"

I'm sure Bruce meant 'your time will come when we throw you into the fire', but having him operatically scream it out repeatedly, kind of revs you up.


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