Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Very Quick One, From Sandakan (Heck! It rhymes!)

It's 10:10pm, and I'm still in the ward. Curi pakai PC kat bilik Sister. Muahahaha!! So this is going to be a very quick one.

It's a thrill to be here. The first shocked I got was when I found out there were only 5 housemen in Sandakan. And I'm the sixth to join. To put it in perspective, Batu Pahat has about 360 beds. Surgery deparment alone has 5 housemen. Sandakan has 400 beds. The WHOLE HOSPITAL has only 6 housemen. Haha. Best ke tak best tu?

But work here has been fun. And of all postings that are available here, I'm starting with.... yep.. you guessed it. Obstetrics and gynaecology. Hahaha. Apa la punya nasib. There are 2 housemen in the department. A lady I met during BTN course and myself (oh yah. Speaking of BTN, that stuff is a load of shit. Induction was fun, however).

Here we get to do a lot of stuff. At first it was pretty scary, being given a lot of liberty as a very the merry junior doctor. But I guess confidence is stressed in the housemanship training here. The saying goes 'assist once, do forever'. I'll write another time if you want details.

We get to see crazy things here too. Imagine, a mother coming in for labour with no previous clinic encounter. All that is in front of you is a screaming woman without any information.

A premature labour took place yesterday. The mother did not attend antenatal clinic at all. The only thing I could get from the mother was her last menstruation date, which I used to estimate the duration of her pregnancy. No other info was available.

She was screaming, the baby was on its way out. And I had to inform the on call Paediatric MO of what's happening so that he can standby and come see the premature baby.

It was one of those crazy moments where your brain freezes.

Through the phone, the MO asked: Can you describe the baby?

Me: Errrr.... The baby is very... errrr.... small.

MO: Haha. Very useful information. I'll be there shortly.

6 years of med school, and I could only come up with that. Hahaha. And that was just one incident. Working here is gila I tell you. But it's fun. And most of the MOs here are very cool and calm. They take training and mentoring seriously.

Oh goodness. I got to go. Need to passover the high risk cases to the houseman (housewoman?) on call.

My tagging finishes tomorrow. Then I'll be heading back to KL for my graduation. Woot woooot! Sape kat KL jom Carl's Jr. Aku mau telan 2 burger. Btw, my weight dropped so much, my seluar is sweeping the dust and blood on the floor.

On call starts Monday. Bring it on!!!!!!!


Blogger KOOKY KASH said...

congrats on yr posting. Becoming a doctor to help others. A noble thing to do. semoga sukses!

27 May, 2009  
Anonymous zulhassan said...

most of the MOs here are very cool @ awek saner pun cool gak kan heheheh.....

28 May, 2009  
Blogger mafeitz said...

Thats the way bro ! You are very enthusiastic and keep it up!The experience you gain will be useful in the future no matter how f***up it is..seriously !!!
Take every "so-called" hardship as a challenge and you will benefit! Looking forward to have you in my department hehehe.. macam real je..:)

29 May, 2009  
Anonymous SE said...

Hope to hear more experience of your housemanship in Sabah!

11 June, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi bro..

its going to be a hectic life for me then...i will be...maybe the 7th houseman in that hospital..
damn scary~!!!..hahaha...

12 June, 2009  
Blogger dochisyam said...

"Assist once, do forever..?"
I have a better one I use for my MO's "Monkey see, monkey do...!"
Enjoy bro

20 June, 2009  
Anonymous Dr. J said...

Azman !
LOL...have fun in HDOK

ur fellow HDOK houseman =p .

30 June, 2009  
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