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No Order

I will be leaving to Kuala Terengganu in a few hours and there won't be internet connection where I'm going, so this is a run of things that have happened with regards to the recent robbery in Taman Maluri (yeah, yeah no surprise on where I stay) and things that will happen in the next few days.

The owner of the house, Mr. V (for victim) and I agreed that we should come up with the petition and send it to the police. I drafted a petition statement and he went around hunting for signatures.

Yesterday he invited me to his house to a meeting. It was no ordinary meeting. Cheras member of parliament was there. YB Tan Kok Wai apparently had been writing to the police, pleading that they set up a police post in Taman Midah, when he suddenly realized upon the recent incidence, Taman Maluri is far worse than Taman Midah. Although Taman Maluri is not under his constituancy, it falls under the responsibility of Cheras Police Headquarters. Since he is already in a mission to push the police in Cheras to play their part, why not add on to his bag of arsenal. I do hope YB Dr Lo' Lo' is debriefed about this by YB Tan.

It was a very grim meeting. Mr. V have been going around Taman Maluri, making photocopies of police reports of recent crime activities to back the petition. From what I see, things are very scary. Some of the police reports include one from a restaurant that was raided by a group of men on 12 motorbikes. They stole everything from the counter. It happened at mid-day.

It's wrong, but I can understand why break-ins happen in the middle of the night. 3am, everyone is sleeping, some houses are empty, thieves break into a house. It's not right, but I get why they do it.

Now, how insane must it be, for a group of men, riding on 12 motorbikes, storm a restaurant in the middle of the day and empty a cash register? And this happened to a restaurant less than a kilometer away from a police station. I find it difficult to comprehend.

There is no order in Taman Maluri.

On Monday, Mr. V and Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye (also a resident here) will meet ACP Amir Ahmad in Balai Polis Pudu to hand in the petition. I hope things will change. I hope order is restored.

On a similar note, Mr. V had reviewed the video of his house robbery and managed to identify the plate number of 2 of the motorcycles involved. Both bear the number 3705. It takes no genius to tell that the number is fake, but just keep in mind of the number. The only reason I can think of why they use similar numbers is that it's a callsign of a group. Maybe. Who knows. Just take note.

The camera that recorded the robbery video in Mr. V's house, published in the previous post, also recorded the snatch theft that was mentioned in the said post. It didn't record the incident per se, but it captured 2 motorcycles driving by, seconds before the snatching occurred. 4 men on 2 motorbikes. He will have it ready for youtube upload soon.

* * * * *

If you are interested to replicate the petition and do the same thing with your local residence and send it to the balai polis near your place, here is a copy of the petition statement I came up with. Just modify it here and there to make it relevant and make your own petition form, which should include a table with 3 columns for name, address and signature. Feel free to use it. Avaiable in English and Bahasa Malaysia.


Petition from residents of Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.

Polis Diraja Malaysia to be More Vigilant in Restoring Security and Order in Taman Maluri.

March 26, 2009

Category: Law Enforcement

Region: Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur

Target: Polis Diraja Malaysia

Background (Preamble):

The incidence of crime is recently on the rise in the area of Taman Maluri. Almost everyday, residents of Taman Maluri learn about another crime that took place in their neighbourhood. These include break-ins, robbery and snatch theft.

Not only is the incidence rising, the severity of crime has also worsen. Crimes are being committed openly in broad daylight, and some residences or premises were broken into or robbed more than once within a short period of time. It is only the matter of time before a person’s life is lost fighting this overwhelming struggle.

What seemed to illogical and inappropriate is that these crime hot spots are within close proximity to the Balai Polis Taman Maluri Cheras, about 1 kilometer radius from the police station.

Hence, we the residents of Taman Maluri are hoping that Polis Diraja Malaysia plays a vital and leading role in ensuring safety in the area we live in. We also hope that changes made to control and curb crime are done to an observable state and maintained.


We who endorse this petition urge Polis Diraja Malaysia to increase its vigilance in preventing crime, restoring security and order in Taman Maluri, in line with the force’s policy to uphold the law and order, to maintain peace and security, and to prevent crime, track, apprehend and charge the criminals.

We hope this can be achieved by:

(a) Frequent and random patrol around the area of Taman Maluri.

(b) Improving interaction between Polis Diraja Malaysia and Taman Maluri residents by means of talks and meetings so information may be disseminated and exchanged.

(c) Establishing a workable mechanism that facilitates residents to report crime or suspicious activities.

Bahasa Malaysia

Petisyen dari penduduk Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.

Polis Diraja Malaysia Perlu Lebih Tangkas dalam Mengekalkan Keselamatan dan Keamanan di Taman Maluri.

26 Mac 2009

Kategori: Penguatkuasaan Undang-undang

Kawasan: Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur

Sasaran: Polis Diraja Malaysia

Latar belakang (Pengenalan):

Kebelakangan ini, kejadian jenayah di kawasan Taman Maluri didapati semakin meningkat. Hampir setiap hari, penduduk Taman Maluri dikejutkan dengan berita jenayah yang berlaku di kawasan berdekatan. Kejadian-kejadian ini merangkumi rompakan pecah masuk, samun dan ragut.

Bukan sahaja kadarnya meningkat, keseriusan jenayah juga menjadi semakin teruk. Jenayah kini dilakukan secara terang-terangan malah ada sesetengah rumah dan premis berkali-kali menjadi mangsa jenayah dalam julat masa yang singkat. Hanya masa menentukan bila nyawa pula menjadi pertaruhan dalam menangani masalah ini.

Apa yang lebih merunsingkan adalah kawasan yang terlibat dengan kadar jenayah yang tinggi berada hampir dengan Balai Polis Taman Maluri, Cheras, dalam lingkungan satu kilometer dari balai polis tersebut.

Jesteru, kami penduduk Taman Maluri berharap Polis Diraja Malaysia memainkan peranannya dalam memastikan keselamatan di dalam kawasan kami. Kami juga berharap perubahan mencegah dan membasmi jenayah, bakal dilakukan pada tahap yang dapat dilihat dan dikekalkan.


Kami yang menyokong petisyen ini mendesak Polis Diraja Malaysia lebih tangkas membasmi jenayah, mengekalkan keselamatan dan keamanan di Taman Maluri, sejajar dengan dasar utama polis untuk memelihara undang-undang dan ketenteraman, mengekalkan keamanan dan keselamatan, mencegah jenayah, mengesan, menangkap dan mendakwa pesalah-pesalah.

Kami harap matlamat ini tercapai melalui:

(a) Rondaan yang kerap dan rambang di kawasan Taman Maluri.

(b) Memperbaiki interaksi antara Polis Diraja Malaysia dan penduduk Taman Maluri melalui ceramah dan mesyuarat supaya maklumat terkini dapat disebarkan dan dikongsi bersama.

(c) Membentuk satu mekanisma yang memudahkan penduduk kawasan melaporkan jenayah dan aktiviti yang mengesyakkan.

Frankly, it is a lot easier to just write 'POLIS JANGAN JADI BACUL' and have people sign that, but hey, we're civilized people right?


Blogger steven yip said...

the crimes are ridiculous. broad daylight robbery? who are these fellows?

30 March, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed.. i suggest that you post this in

16 August, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bukan dalam lingkungan 1 km dari balai polis maluri tp depan balai polis maluri sendiri banyak kes berlaku tp tiada ape2 tindakan...macam mana tu???depan mata sendiri pon buat2 x nampak....hampeh...

14 December, 2009  

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