Sunday, May 10, 2009

As Life Unfolds

I am posted to Sandakan, Sabah. And I like it.

These are the words I can muster:

To the well-wishers: Thank you for your encouragement and pleasant words. Though I've been hearing seafood in Sandakan is the best, I'm sure they won't be able to match your advice and kind wishes.

To my family: I won't be there forever. Don't worry. I'm looking at four years, and you and I know four years will just go by. And I'll try my best not to marry a local.

To my friends: Come to Sandakan. Fun time may resume there. To those whom I owe money or makan session, wait till I get back lah. To those who can't wait, jom datang Sandakan. Air Asia flies direct.

To whomever in Sandakan: Ada orang baru mau join orang Sandakan, bah. (Lesson 1 in speaking the Sabahan dialect: Add a 'bah' at the end of every other sentence
. Muaahaha. I hope I got this right)

To everyone else who just knew about my posting 'abroad': Surprise!!

Hope to be able to write from there as soon as possible. For now, I wish for a safe journey.

Go forth, Sabah!


Blogger KOOKY KASH said...

Keep on writing, Man. Would like to read your funny anecdote to life. Good luck and semoga selamat semuanya.

10 May, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck in Sandakan. Ini kira national service nih!


11 May, 2009  
Anonymous Deadpool said...

good luck, bah!

11 May, 2009  
Anonymous jojo said...

adusss... i just came back from sandakan.. if i knew u r there i might go and knock on ur door... hahahaha...

boleh bah kalau ko.....(try that for a sentence)...

15 May, 2009  
Blogger Jaja Shah said...

boleh masuk climbathon! hahahaha

all the best there!

16 May, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck man....

nanti gua sampai sana sama adi...


16 May, 2009  
Blogger Yasz said...

Hey Azman! I'm just a blog hopper who happens to read ur blog. U should be happy to be posted there! If you like nature and adventure, that's the place to go man! Sabah is so awesome. At sandakan, u get to visit Sepilok - the orang utan sanctuary. And yeah, the seafood anywhere around sabah is super awesome man, but yet again u don't want to take so much of it. and if hati u giler kuat, boleh naik kinabalu! n scuba dive at sipadan!! wah wei!

20 May, 2009  
Blogger Shiawase said...

^ ^

21 May, 2009  

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