Friday, April 17, 2009

What to do with your borang SPA?

This is a community service reminder from So quit calling me! (As it is my holiday has been cut short!)

You'll be given 4 forms:

1. 3 copies of SPA 6A
2. 1 copy of SPA 6B
3. 1 copy of medical check up form
4. 1 sample copy of Surat Aku Janji

What to do:

1. Fill in all SPA 6A forms. Keep one copy. Send one copy to SPA Putrajaya. Send one copy to the Pengarah Hospital where you will be posted during your first day of work.

2. Go see a commissioner of oath and complete form SPA 6B.
Send it to the Pengarah Hospital where you will be posted during your first day of work.

3. Go to either private or government clinic, and complete your medical check up. Please fill in Bahagian A and get a witness to sign it first. Anyone who knows you can be a witness. Your mama, papa, baby or sayang, doesn't matter. Make sure you go to a clinic with x-ray facility. Send the completed medical check up form
to the Pengarah Hospital where you will be posted during your first day of work.

4. When you see the Pengarah Hospital on your first day of work, don't just kiss his/her ass. Ask for Surat Aku Janji. He/She will give you the original copy, then you fill it up and send it back, along with what were mentioned in 1, 2 and 3. Hand in also your MMC certificate.

Any questions, DO NOT CALL ME! Don't fret your holiday is cut short. At the very least you still have 2 weeks. I got ONE DAY left.

On matters related to BTN and Induction, just wait. Quit asking me how long will the letter come. 2 weeks? 3 weeks? 4 weeks? I got one day left. Do you think I care?

When you get your BTN and Induction letter you'll get few things:

1. Reply slip
2. Borang Kursus Induksi
3. Borang Kursus Kenegaraan
4. List of things to bring.

What to do:

1. Fill in the reply slip and fax it to this number 40427363 (add an initial 03 if faxing from outside of KL). The number given on the slip may not work.

2. Fill in the Borang Kursus Induksi. Keep it and hand it in when you report for induction.

3. Fill in the Borang Kursus Kenegaraan. Keep it and hand it in when you report for BTN.

4. Make sure you bring what are prescribed. Don't complain what stupid dress code la, what baju melayu la, what baju kurung la. Dress code is dress code.

Other FAQ:

1. What is BTN?
BTN is Biro Tata Negara. They conduct Kursus Kenegaraan. Supposed to instill patriotism and other bullshit government wants you to believe lah.

2. What is Kursus Induksi?
Kursus Induksi is similar to corporate training lah. Like if you work with Starbucks, the first few days you have to sit for lectures, they tell you history of Starbucks, their company's policy, vision, mission, whatever lah. So induction is something like that. They are introducing you to the company you will be working with: The Government.

3. Which one comes first? BTN or Induksi?
Both are separate courses but either one can come first. BTN then induksi, or induksi then BTN. Either way, both courses are back-to-back. Generally BTN is a week and induksi is 2 weeks. Altogether will be a stretch of 3 weeks or so.

Ok now? Can I enjoy my last day of holiday in peace? Thank you very much.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous Bernard Lee said...

i'd imagine this post will help quite a lot of med people. borangs and all those good things :)

17 April, 2009  
Blogger Lil'Ling said...

cheerssss....=] thanks azman..

18 April, 2009  
Blogger Shiawase said...

sorry ._. i called you before i checked your blog -_-;;

20 April, 2009  
Anonymous sober said...

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