Monday, March 30, 2009

Second Robbery Video

The video is in. Recorded by the same camera that recorded the first incident exactly a week later (going by the day).

You can see 4 men on 2 motorcycles coming from west-end at mark 06:59:07.

Woman screaming frantically at 06:59:14.

Woman entering the frame from the east-end of the road at 06:59:49.

When this happened I had just woken up.

We never get to meet the victim.

My family have reasons to believe that the thieves were actually targeting my auntie, who sends her daughter to my house in the morning and leaves to work at exactly 7am everyday. Somehow she was late by 5 minutes on that morning.

Now we make sure another person is outside looking out when she arrives and leaves.


Blogger Ali said...

pegi GS Gill beli segala kayu lu nampak...kayu hoki, kriket, besbol,golf. pastu ada duit lebih gi shopping kt wilayah arms

30 March, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beli tangga besi byk2. kalau ada rempit lalu campak je ke tengah jalan.


31 March, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah lu sudah jadi doctor ahh (lama tarak mari sini woo) ... fuuh ... watch out people this Doctor ROCKS!!!


31 March, 2009  
Anonymous gina said...

Not only your area, Dr Azman. Chewah... Haha. Dr... congrats!

In Selayang also the same. A few weeks back, I heard a lady went to market (walking distance) in the morning around 9 am, kena ragut by two fellas. Then ah, kena telanjang bogel! I dont know how true is that lah. But my colleague who stayed around the tempat kejadian said, somebody saw the two fellas taking off the lady's pants and clothes!

01 April, 2009  

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