Friday, May 30, 2008

Appreciating the Concept of Earning

Yesterday was the final day I worked for the book company as a part-timer. I have to say, I put in a lot of tiring hours working there. And driving from KL to Sunway and back via the Federal Highway (as an effort to avoid the tolls) would leave me dead-beaten by the time I reach home.

Working 1, 2 sometimes 3 days a week doesn't sound much, but considering the kind of work I did, I was expecting something around RM600. But when the numbers are punched in, it was a mere RM400. It was then I realized earning is not easy.

Further effort to save money, I attempt to DIY a storage cupboard, only to realize it is a lot cheaper to buy it ready-made. I could go to Jusco, have lunch, then buy a storage cupboard there and have a celebratory cake in Secret Recipe, and still save! No surprise I left the hardware store without purchasing anything.

The price of steel has doubled. Angle iron used to be RM15 for 10 feet. The cheapest you can get now is RM23.

Domino's large pizza was RM29. Now it costs RM33.

10kg rice pack is no longer available under RM20. I remember buying that fragrant rice we use at home for just RM 29. I took a peek few weeks ago in Giant, and now costs RM46!

Yet Malaysians, especially KLites are still able to bask in luxury. I keep hearing new Carl's Jr outlet - a fast-food joint that sells RM20 burgers - opening here and there. RM20 for a burger wei! That's equivalent to 8 burger sepah Ramly. Need to finish an assignment? Hey, why not buy a new laptop. Hi, neighbour cum officemate, why don't we race to our workplace tomorrow? Carpooling? Oh, how uncool is that.

We complain, yet do we act like we deserve to yap-yap-yippity-yap?


Blogger Dancing Ciken said...

hahaha. minyak pun naik lagi daaa

03 June, 2008  

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