Thursday, February 14, 2008

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Emotional and confusing 3 weeks.

Don't know how to begin.

Assuming the random mode.


* * * * *

Final Professional Exam is in 10 days, but I won't be sitting for it. Unexpected, which later became expected turn of events have made me to consider postponing my studies. I have submitted my request letter to the Deanery and have wished for a deferment of 6 months (1 semester). The board meeting was today, and I'm waiting for their correspondence.

To my batchmates who knew about this: Thanks for your support and being understanding.

To those who didn't know: Well now you do.

To those who can't wait for me to graduate so they can ask for an MC: Sorry guys, you have to wait for another year.

* * * * *

Why the hollow 6 months? I need some time for myself. Furthermore I need to make enough money to pay for my fees. So I'm accepting any offer that promises a good income.

* * * * *

Tangerine is good for digestion. Oh, wait a minute. A WHOLE BOX of tangerine is good for digestion. Oh, wait yet again. A WHOLE BOX of tangerine is good for BOWEL CLEARANCE.

Now I know why mandarin oranges were taken as a symbol of wealth. It's not the "oranges are lokam, gold is kam" thing. It's what you get when you eat those oranges. If you eat enough oranges, you will yield 'gold' when the oranges' journey through your gastrointestinal tract comes to a pitfalling end. And that, my friend, is the reason. Eat orange, yield gold. Why do you think they're called lokam in the first place? Probably the first person who binged on mandarin oranges went to the toilet and decided to take a peek at his trophy. He then probably went "Loh! Kam!!"

* * * * *

I rarely add application on my facebook account. Neither I dismiss nor cancel it. I just let them pile up. As of last night, there are at least 330 requests. Here's how it looks.

* * * * *

What girl wants, girl gets. And what exactly do girl wants? Everything.

* * * * *

Ali sent his car for repairs on Monday, only to have it stolen while it was on overnight keep at the Perodua Service Center. Earlier today his girlfriend was involved in an accident. She is okay, but the car was badly damaged. The Perodua people have agreed to loan Ali, off all car, a Kenari while they sort things out. Bad things do occur in threes.

* * * * *

The Parliament have been dissolved. Election date is set on March 8 2008. Congratulations if you have registered for voting.

* * * * *

I was awaken by a shocking discovery yesterday. I came back to Batu Pahat to pack my things to realize I only brought 3 pairs of underwear with me. And they're supposed to last me 5 days.

However, the discomfort that ensued didn't strike my mind, but the thoughts I derived from it. A meditation on the ceramic chair made me realize:

(a) If I had checked what I packed, I would've known something is missing. The fact of knowing is preparedness. If I had known, then I will also know what to do next. Having things catch you by surprise will force you to take unexpected turns thus slowing you down.

"Preparedness is the key to a smooth flow of events."

(b) Now that I have limited number of underwear to last me 5 days, I need to plan when to wear, wash and dry them in an order to make sure at least one is available.

"Planning is the backbone of efficiency."

(c) The act of carrying out the plan makes sure the underwear is always available.

"Without execution, a plan is as good as doing nothing."

(d) I threw 2 pairs into the washing machine this morning without realizing I had also tossed in a piece of Starbucks tissue paper made from recycled paper. That made my underwear look like it was made from fur of a Wookie. So I had to re-wash it and made some change in my plan.

"Life sucks, shit happens. Just pick yourself up and move along with it."

* * * * *

Last night I became irritated with the large number of people I don't know on my Friendster friends list. I ended up deleting about 120 of my 'friends'. Give me enough time, and I will delete the account altogether. Same goes with facebook.

* * * * *

Notice that facebook has popped up twice in this post?

* * * * *

Did you know that a tabby cat is not a breed of cat but is actually the distinct pattern of a cat? So you can have a Persian tabby cat, Japanese bobtail tabby cat and Singapura tabby cat.

* * * * *

What can a wife say to her husband that will make him both happy and angry?

"Your penis is larger than your friends'."

What can a husband say to his wife that will make her both happy and angry?

"This big, fat diamond ring I'm giving reminds me of you."

* * * * *

When a tree falls in an uninhabited forest, does it make a sound? The answer is no. The fall will cause a shock wave of air molecules, which will only produce sound if the shock wave reaches an ear or an ear-substitute, like a microphone.

* * * * *

I was 7 when I stole something for the first time. I took 1 ringgit note from my mother's drawer so that I can feel how is it to bring a paper note to school. I didn't buy anything. I felt guilty. On my way back home, I threw the money on the floor, nudged another boy and told him he dropped his money. During my first 2 years of schooling, I only bring 20 cent for pocket money.

* * * * *

Now blogging isn't that difficult is it.


Blogger Dancing Ciken said...

hey bersabar jelah k, it's part of dugaan

thennn, takan laaa takde pak guard kat perodua tu? sampai orang curi kereta pun tak perasan langsung?

18 February, 2008  
Blogger Azman said...

Mengikut kata-kata Ali, orang Perodua tu kata mungkin inside job.

18 February, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kind of go with you on that lokam bit...

18 February, 2008  
Blogger bola2api said...

20 sen buleh beli mcm2 benda dulu...

masa aku darjah 4, aku bawak 40 sen jer sehari...

20 February, 2008  

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