Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a Waste.

The evening weather was perfect for a ride. Sunny sky, low humidity (relatively. When is it ever low here?), breezy day, and I'm stuck in the library finishing my presentation on HIV/AIDS for group session tomorrow. It's gonna be a Lionel Ritchie in the library today - all night long. What a waste of a perfect weather. *sigh*

Long rides plan have been working. I rode Labu Route till the end, making the route approximately 43km after making the U-turn. And I've done it twice since Thursday. The end of the Jalan Labu is the Sendayan-KLIA junction. KLIA turning is very busy with busses, lorries and cheap highway-bypassing drivers who refuse to pay toll. Sendayan turning is more promising. I've only cycled 2km into the Sendayan turning. The view is BREATH-TAKING! I wish I had a camera with me. Definitely I'll go further next time around.

DING! Ok, time's up. Back to clubbing my head with the keyboard.



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