Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pedaling in PD

I joined the cycling group in PD on Sunday. Present were Azmar, Jaja, Abu, Saiful, Fairuz, Pujie, Muhammad, Steve, Caroline, Vicky and myself.

Azmar, Jaja, Steve, Caroline, Pujie and Muhammad did the 3km+ swim earlier, with Vicky kayaking alongside.

Abu, Saiful and Fairuz ran before cycling.

I, who came later to join the cycling leg, was having breakfast at home when they were engaged in their activities. Hehe.

They plan to simulate the PD tri and to a certain extend, Ironman, condition by cycling under the blistering hot sun. Cycling started around 11.30 am, from Pantai Sri Purnama Batu 8 towards Linggi, using about 60% of the PD tri route, about 40km.

It was HOT! I could feel the ultraviolet light photons working their way through my skin. The route was about 60% flats with the rest being undulating hills. Climbs were ok. Tekala climbs are much worse.

Puji, Muhammad, Abu, Saiful and Fairuz took off very early during the ride. BOOM and they're gone. Azmar waited for everyone to settle at their own pace before he too sped up to catch up with the group ahead.

Vicky, Steve, Caroline and Jaja rode together at a moderately fast pace.

I was waaay back, dropped like a goose egg. Haha.

We stopped at 20km mark to regroup and made a U-turn back to where we started.

To those going to PD tri, mark these words. The headwind on the way back to PD is VERY strong. So get your strategies planned. Either draft behind a larger person, get a TT bike and an aero helmet, or grit your teeth and keep on pedaling.

It was the lunch rush on the way back, so the coastal road was congested. I overtook a lot of cars, yet maintaining my humble position way at the back.

The final hundred meters was a steep downhill. With that ahead and the thought of finishing, I hastened the pace and went berdezup downhill. Unknowingly, there's a grill across the road ahead covering a drain. It was too late when I took notice and hadn't had time to properly align my wheel to pass the grill.

And so, the drama of getting the front wheel caught in between the grill ensues. PANG!! PRRAAANNGGG!! KEPOM!!!!! Psssssssssssssssttttttttttttttt............
I managed to stop the bike AND unclip my shoes. Phew! Nasib baik tak tergolek (lagi). Awww... my first flat. Pujie looked and me an said "Apa jadi?" Aku senyum je.

Rupa-rupanya diorang dah sampai lagi awal, dok tengah bedal watermelon, courtesy of Steve. Memang stim makan tembikai sejuk. Thanks Steve!

Steve, Pujie, Azmar, Muhammad and Caroline continued with the planned run, with the rest decided to give it a pass.

All in all, it was a good introductory ride to the PD tri route. An eye opener, definitely, a reminder that I have to train harder. I'll go there again before race day, twice at least. Sapa nak join? Nanti kita calling calling.



Blogger petitemeehoon said...

thx for coming, next time kena hati2 dengan grill tu

wa tolak bike turun that downhill, as usual ler, wa takut tergolek :p

07 June, 2007  

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