Monday, May 28, 2007

Siapa Nak Tengok Hippo Kayuh Beskal?

Today marked the first long ride on Mi Novia. Route of choice was Ulu Langat Batu 18 - Sungai Tekala - Batu 18, which is approximately 50km +/- 4km from the extra lap I did while waiting for Ikhwan Hadi.

Ikhwan rode from his house, riding through Bukit Ampang and Batu 14. Aku? Terkincit beb. Jangan harap. So I drove to Batu 18 and rendezvous with him later.

Weather was superb, traffic was almost non-existence. I tried to maintain my heart rate between 145 and 155. But it went pass 180 bpm during climbs. Gila sumpah any harder my heart will explode.

Ikhwan was flashing his yet another new bike frame. He deserves it. Mamat ni memang kuat macam mutant. To demonstrate how strong he is, he climbed Bukit Ampang on the way back in just 15 minutes, and that was on a flat tire!! I would've taken an hour walking up the same route. Macam mana pun, however strong he is, during hard climbs, he would ride next to me, giving words of encouragement.

"Sikit je lagi. Depan tu je, kat signboard tu. Tak sampai 50 meter."

"Jangan berenti. Kalau berenti wasted je effort tadi. Zero balik semua."

"Kayuh je. Puuuuuusshhhh. Puuulllllll. Puuuuussshhhh. Puuuuuullll. The long and winding road~~."

I'm lucky to have a supportive riding partner. Because all that was inside my head was Satan saying "Get down and push your bike! Mooaaahahahaha!!! It's not like you're gonna get pussies thrown at you if you keep on pedaling."

Pussies memang takde. Tapi anjing orang asli bela memang banyak.

Now for the piece de resistance. Hippo kayuh beskal.

Ni baru habis climb. Pasal tu muka macam baru habis boxing dengan kangaroo.

If the saddle could speak, it'd probably be saying "Help! Helllppp!! I can't breathe!!!!!"

Memang tak rugi beli basikal nih. Kalau takde third gear nih, memang tolak basikal dah aku.

*Photos are courtesy of Ikhwan Hadi.



Blogger Abu Soffian said...

Alamak...beskal ko sama brand ngan beskal aku da...sure ko power la lepas ni

29 May, 2007  
Blogger Jaja Shah said...

cayaaa lahhh, nanti nak kayuh, bagitau leee

29 May, 2007  
Blogger yipwt said...

kayuh..jangan tak kayuh...

29 May, 2007  
Blogger bola2api said...


Man, I never have doubts of your capabilities since you finished your first half mara.

Sekarang ni pulak, dah start cycling!

Kalo gambo pertama tu dijadikan poster, aku pasti akan beli n tampal kat dinding as an inspiration.

Poster dengan wordings "Ain't no mountain high enough!"

If YOU can do it, anybody also can..

Good job dude

30 May, 2007  
Blogger Azman said...

Lepas ni kayuh, you bet you guys will be seeing more of me.

Aini: Sebak aku baca. :~) Thanks!

01 June, 2007  
Blogger TriStupe said...

bro..looking good la...aku nak granny gear.

12 June, 2007  

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