Thursday, May 12, 2011

12 May 2011

It is another monumental day. A day that marks few milestones in my life. In ascending order:

I have left the triple D club. Yes. My weight is now in the double digit figure. With clothes on, today I tip the scale at 99.5kg. Probably weigh 99 with only the undies on. So I have in total lost 21kg since 17 January this year. Lets hope we can stay in this side of the fence for good. Still, a very long way to go.

The day also marks the completion of my second year in Sandakan. Which means today, I complete my Housemanship Training Program. I am no longer an intern. I am now an outern. Hahaha. Ok, ok. No such thing.

With the late Firdaus, a memorable patient who have fought kidney disease valiantly.

Two years of enslaving myself in a commitment that hopefully will last a lifetime. Have I learnt a lot? Hell yeah. In the greater scheme of things, is it much? Not really. In fact I barely scratched the surface.

So what does the future hold as a Medical Officer now? More enslavement. I say BRING IT!!

All these achievements will not be possible if not for one person. And 12 May also happens to be that person's birthday.

It's my mother's birthday!!

Happy Birthday Mak!

When I am your age and if I'm half as successful as you are right now, I will be very, very pleased, even if my eldest son is still helplessly single. Hahaha.

Homaigod! Besarnya aku. Mak, kita kena ambik gambar lagi sekali lah.


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