Saturday, December 09, 2006

An Advice From The Man Himself

As I was checking updates on my blog, I noticed a new comment was up on the 'Losing Isn't So Bad' entry. First glance through the comment, I thought it was another spam. There were www, @ symbol, relatively long and I turned the blog spamguard off a month back. Everything pointing to spam, until I read it carefuly.

It was a comment posted by Adam Tice himself!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

Here is the message he left, put here for the sake of convenience:

Adman121 said...

Hey! It's funny what you find when you google yourself. Adam Tice here. Thanks for noticing I was a stubborn jackass. My wife would totally agree! No lipo for me. Here is what I did. 1. Decided I was going to become an Ironman. 2 Found a planning that would prepare me for the race. 3. set the weight loss goal and come up with a plan on how to acheive it. 4. Made thousands of small decisions on the way to my Ironman. You can do it. I am just some average Schmoe. I am a member of It is a community of triathletes that suppport, chat, and answer questions for each other about Tris. I wouldrecommend joining. If there is anything I can answer/do for ya, let me know.

There are some more pics @ then do a search on "ironadam" GOOD LUCK. YOU CAN DO IT MAN!!!!!


3 weeks left before the year ends, and what better way to start a new year with a newly polished, gleaming motivation. I'll remember every word he said.

Note to Adam: Thanks for the advice. And I'm reliefed you took the 'stubborn jackass' as a compliment. It's a quality I noticed shared by most big achievers I came across; they are most certainly irritatingly stubborn.



Blogger princessren said...

hey dont worry azman... u'll be a better runner. just dont give up. never give up, never surrender ;D

11 December, 2006  

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