Monday, January 08, 2007

Pre-2007 Post-2006

My fiscal year for Ironman 2008 starts a week later than the 2007 New Year. What the heck lah. Re-starting classes after being away for 2 months is no easy task. There were a lot of reconfiguration needed to be done. Sleeping pattern, diet, co-ordinating training, classes and leisure, $$$. Mampuih la ini machiam.

2006 in review? Haih, it was a bad year lah, enough said. I didn't progress as an individual. Although there were no standards set at the beginning of the year, I don't need a set of targets to determine how the year went. It was bad. I felt it. The only thing I'm proud of in 2006 was that I made A LOT of new friends. You guys know who you are. :-)

2007? My gut feeling tells me it's going to be another flat-line year. Lepak ah. As long as I'm alive, I'd be grateful.

2007 resolutions in a picture:

Train to become an Ironman. Train to become a 'ward king'.

Simple je. Takyah nak complicated-complicated.

p.s: My batchmate, Chee Yoong, has improved his 10K time from 1:05 to 0:55 in 3 months. Cilaka betui. Aku jugak yang ketinggalan [ehem, diri sendiri yang malas training]. Wei buddy, update your blog lah. I want to learn your secrets.

p.p.s: I've spent a good few days in the basement, mapping out the Ironman 2008 plan. Will blog about it in a few days, and when I do, all annotations are welcomed.



Anonymous jaja said...

oit training oit

17 January, 2007  
Blogger Dr.M said...

hahahaha ! Good luck ! I am hoping to join the bandwagon too. But maybe not the ironman yet but marathon.

21 January, 2007  
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