Friday, January 26, 2007

Aihhh... Leceh siod

A lot of things have happened for the past 3 weeks. Cuma aku je takde masa nak blog them out. Tapikan, perlu ke blog semua benda? Hehe.

Firstly, the training plan is up, tapi after thorough re-consideration, I have to revise it, again. Maybe I'm aiming to high. After following the first week regime, terasa la amat sangat kepenatannya. I've missed few morning classes because I was too tired. Takleh la macam ni selalu.

I even had some left hip pain after one run. Tapi nothing serious kot. Because that particular time, I went to toilet immediately after running. Probably the muscle relaxed while I was sitting on a hard surface. Haha. No more pain the next day. Tapi bertambah malaslah aku nak run. Chit podah!

Great Eastern 30K went well last Sunday, for those running lah. I went there to take pictures, as usual. Ada la dekat 30 gambar aku amik. And only 1 had my face on it. Hahaha. Badi cameraman. But I had a great time. Ada jugak rasa menyesal tak join 20K run. Takpe, KLIM is in 8 weeks time.

Met a few people. I met Adrian Holman in person for the first time. Really nice guy, and very tall too. Saw Simon Cross for the second time, but still hadn't had the chance to talk to him because I couldn't abandon the photo spot, runners are still coming in and I can't afford to miss the photo opportunity (amanah orang beb). More importantly, the pipot primates finally met Harina in flesh and bones. Hehe. Actually I wouldn't use the word flesh and bones to describe her. Those words sound too, plain. And she's more than just plain.

Pictures? Go here: Bacin, Azwar, Faie, Intan, Jamil.

Note to Bacin: Beb, aku ada gambar close-up sorang awek. Ada tak dalam camera ngko? Send kat aku raw copy weih. Kasi besau-besau. Hihihi.



Blogger bola2api said...

ehem.. gambo 290 kan kan kan??

29 January, 2007  
Anonymous jaja said...

rajin2 training for klim yea

thx coz tolong amik gambau ^_^

30 January, 2007  

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