Saturday, September 16, 2006

Preoccupied Subconscious Mind

Sleeping last night, I had a nightmare, but it wasn't as bad as nightmares are supposed to be:

And I woke up to a chase sequence showing on AXN. I turned off the TV and thought "Damn, I'm dreaming about running." My subconscious mind is now so preoccupied with the new-found love of running. This is good. I'm having dreams about it. So now lets make it a habit instead of just thoughts.

I won't be joining the Mizuno Wave Run this Sunday, but I'll show up at the Terry Fox Run, a charity run for cancer, later that morning. I'm hoping to meet Azwar, Mary, Faie, Bacin and few other frequents. It's about time I put some faces to the names.

Next week I'll be beginning my General Practitioner posting. The uni basicaly wants us to compare both government and private primary healthcare setup. From prelim runs we had during semester 2 and 4, I'm guessing the government clinic would be more interesting lah. Private clinics ni, you see cough, cold and fever almost all the time. In government clinics, the perspective of illness is broader. In just 2 weeks being posted in Klinik Ampangan, we saw 2 cases suspicious of pheochromocytoma. If a private GP sees even one during his practice, he'd go get a lottery that very day.

For the whole week, session will start at 9.30am. Wooot! Yeah. Finally I can get some morning run done.

Puasa is coming in a week's time. Running? Well, based on answers I get from the triathlon forum, there will be less run. The forum frequents suggest I run either before sahur (before-dusk meal), before buka puasa (break fast at dawn) or after terawih (a special prayer done only during the fasting month). Running before sahur is definitely out. Mana aku nak lari?? Banyak harimau belakang rumah aku oi. I think I'll run after terawih the first few days, just to get myself into the rhythm of fasting. Then later when I've evolved and adapted to the state of dehydration, maybe I can run before buka. Hey, if Darwin is right, by the 27th day of puasa, I'll evolve into a camel. Wooot!

Apa-apa pun, this puasa, AKU NAK JADI KURUSSS!!!!!!!!



Anonymous bacin said...

nko ada kat terry fox run?? kita org semua ada kat sana.. melepak & melantak hihihi..

selamat berpuasa

18 September, 2006  
Anonymous pipot said...

i love to run late in the evening just before berbuka ... around 6:30pm ... coz lepas dah penat2 tuh leh terus minum N makan ... kuranglah sikit sengsara

my running volume during ramadhan is less than normal, dalam 30menet camtuh ... but eventho short i love to increase the intensity by doing hillsprints ....

30menets of hillsprints punya penat is the same as running a full 10K race

so volume is lessen but quality is presevered

we're prolly organizing night running during ramadhan in putrajaya ... i plan to start around 10pm ... so terawih tak kacau ... if interested i'll keep you posted

19 September, 2006  
Blogger bola2api said...

camel ker cactus?? hahahahaha

19 September, 2006  
Blogger iqbal harris said...



19 September, 2006  
Anonymous zar said...

email me ill give u some cool links


25 September, 2006  
Anonymous zar said...

well did u?? put the faces to the names??
and if u wanna bekurus again ask azwar he follows this book....its crap to me but it helps...hehehehe ask him..he used to b fat too!!

26 September, 2006  
Anonymous ChoonSeng said...

Dude... awesome graphics haha. Hope you don't mind I linked you. Haha... happy running and dieting. We must fight the good fight.

01 October, 2006  
Blogger saifs said...

Seriously, from things i've heard about you, i know you'll reach your goal man! This guy is one of the most annoyingly determined people i've met (annoying cos even i don't have that kind of drive! giler envy woi...). Ko ada rimau belakang rumah ko? Kangaroos are just as bad. They wont eat you, but they'd maul you nevertheless.

Keep up with the post!

09 October, 2006  
Blogger Azman said...

War: Puasa aku lari 2 kali je. Hahahahahahahantu raya.

Zar: Aku ikut buku sendiri. Hehe.

Saifs: Thanks man!!

13 November, 2006  

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