Monday, May 16, 2011

At Large In A Smaller Room

I started my first official day as an MO moving into a new place. It's a room and I'm staying with a friend.

Moving from a house where I stayed alone into a single room with another friend is gonna be a big change. Now I have to berpakaian elok, if berpakaian at all. And I have to close the door everytime coming in and out of the room. And it's a rumah taman, which means the house opposite has a window that allows direct view of what's behind my window. Gile takdok privacy.

But I have a good feeling about this move.

For one, there's a stretch of flat, straight road that runs for 1.5km. That means a 3km lap. Nice. Memang akan jadi playground for tempo running. And the sports complex is nearer. Ada track sana. Finally I can berjinak-jinak with interval training.

Also, I begin my first 2 weeks of MO years being on leave. Muaaaahahaha. Currently sitting at the airport waiting for my flight back home. Cantek kan? Semalam baru fly KL-SDK, hari ni pegi balik KL. Gila babeng jet setter.

Ada apa plan 2 minggu ni?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude;.. reading ur blog.. and even if due to circumstances and bad scheduling we dont hang on the phone as much as before.. im mighty proud of you.

Time to execute the Big Boy Toy Ploy man

- u know who

17 May, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

macha, this week i'm fully booked la. ali getting married, helping him to settle few stuff. next year when it's your turn, i'll be just as busy. hahaha. next week i'm free, man. take a day of or whatever. satay kajang like old times baybeh!

19 May, 2011  

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