Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Istinja' Or Not To Istinja'

I was in my brother's room with another brother, when the former started yelling from the toilet.

*Istinja' is cleaning oneself after every call of nature. Learn more about it here.


Anonymous Nadia said...

Tak baik gelakkan adik sendiri..although it was kinda funny hehe.

Added my facebook URL..let me know if you still can't find me.

28 December, 2008  
Anonymous gina said...

Baru aje the other day we all debate about cuci buntut.

Apparently, most of my friends do not cuci buntut with water and wipe their ass with not just any toilet paper.. but high quality toilet paper macam Kleenex or Royal Gold.

Me and the other friend insist we must "istinja" because it's so much cleaner!

02 January, 2009  

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