Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Best Advice

It's been a while since I rode a bike. And it's been decades since I last ran (gilak!).

Today I read a comment on a facebook photo and instantly the spark came back.

Probably I was too ambitious and trying (to look) too hard previously that everything burned out and semua benda masuk angin keluar asap.

It's supposed to be a long-term, life-altering thing. Not a one-time glory schmlory.

It's an advice given by a triathlete who has always been on high gear when it comes to training to another person who has recently been introduced to triathlon.

I found the advice applies to everyone.

To Ishsal, you make more sense than those tri/cycling books out there combined.

Read what he had to say:

Ok bro, now that your first milestone is over yesterday, its time for balanced workouts. Emphasis on swim and bike 75-80% and rest run. Reason is swim is non impact and takes long to build efficiency. But damn good cardio and total body workout head to toe. Bike is also non impact and grt cardio. Plus you need lots more confidence/handling skills there.

Run is very important but since you may have knee etc issues, the next few mths put more emphasis on cardio via swim and bike. Hopefully after body parts strengthen via those, will have less chances to obtain injury in run training and races. Since you have a gym, best to run more on threadmill to begin with. Softer on joints.

I found in my first year 07 had lots of leg issues from run. Only when it strengthened in 08 that I could run (not faster) with no issues of recovery/injury after.

Take time, don't rush it. Wanna be doing this till 65 if we harbour dreams of that ticket to Kona :p"

That's it lah. Imma packing my running shoes when I come back home this weekend.

Oh yah. Did I tell you I'm coming back on the 10th? :P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

doctors have to be fit & healthy, better late than never :lol:

09 October, 2009  
Blogger Dancing Ciken said...

dont forget your kain pelikat too :p

11 October, 2009  
Blogger azri fickry said...

bro,not blogging anymore ke?

07 November, 2009  
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26 October, 2010  
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