Monday, January 05, 2009

Potato was on Sale

Those local waxy potatoes were on sale in Carrefour today. A kilo goes for RM1.39. I bought 6 kilos. Last week it was RM0.89 per kilo, but only the badly bruised ones were left.

At RM1.39 a kilo, that's cheaper than rice! It should last me about 2 weeks.

Nampaknya pegi wad sekarang ni kena pakai silencer lah.


Anonymous gina said...

If combine eating potato and petai.. then all your surgical patients no need to administer anesthesia. Just fart on their faces. LOL

06 January, 2009  
Blogger yipwt said...

can methane substitute anesthetics?


06 January, 2009  
Blogger Azman said...

Not sure if petai and potato can be used as anesthetics. But I'm sure can use as bio-gas. Kumpul banyak-banyak, generate electric. Baru GO GREEN!

07 January, 2009  
Blogger Ali said...

mende yang green? suar dalam?

12 January, 2009  

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