Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sembang-sembang Sabtu

Yesterday, the clinical campus in Batu Pahat held a community health screening program in one of the kampungs in Batu Pahat (amazingly, the name of the kampung we went to didn't begin with 'Parit').

This conversation took place between a student, a recent graduate who is in his first month of working, and two lecturers.

Lecturer 1: How was your first on-call?

New doctor: It was terrible. One patient passed away that night.

Lecturer 2: It's like an unwritten rule. Wherever you go, no matter which posting you're in, first calls are always an unpleasant experience.

New Doctor: I'm just worried la. So far 2 patients did not make it on the days I was on call. And all my calls have been very tiring.

Lecturer 1: But you guys IMU students are used to that already what.

Student: Used to what? Patient dying???

Lecturer 1: NO!! On-calls lah!!

* * * * *

It can't be helped. Each time a group of healthcare practitioners come together, the topic of death will almost always surface. No. It's not because doctors are fascinated by death. 6 years learning medicine, I know whenever someone says "a patient I attended didn't make it through the night," there is a story of fear, struggle, hope and disappointment. The statement is more of a summary than just phrases.

Speaking of summaries, I've got a few case reports to summarize.

Maybe we dwell on this topic when I have more time. For the time being, if you have stories about hospitals, do share it with us. Do use the comment section. Bye. =)


Anonymous gina said...

Being bed ridden in hospital is never a good experience for anyone. I think my friend had her lungs flooded with fluid once and was in coma for two weeks. She woke up groggy from morphine and thought she had just slept for a night. We just don't have the heart to tell her. And in her dream like state - she did see a lot of things happening. One elderly man passed away the next day when the night before, she saw two "persons" came to take him away and asked, if she would like to come along. Creepy!

05 January, 2009  
Blogger Azman said...

Gina: Now THAT'S scary!

05 January, 2009  

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