Monday, January 05, 2009

"Only the dead are safe in Gaza"

That line was quoted from a Palestinian blogger called Exiled. It sends shudders down my spine every time I read his poem.

The current Operation Cast Lead by the Israeli military was uncalled for. Yes, Hamas may not have fully complied to the ceasefire but they mighty tried. During the previous ceasefire, number of attacks by Palestinian Qassam rockets dropped from hundreds a month to mere few. Blockade on the Palestinians by the Israeli, however, hasn't moved the slightest. Now who got the raw end of the deal?

Bloody Israel are only looking for the faintest reason to expand their walls.

As a consequence of the airstrike and blockade, hundreds of innocent Palestinians lost their life and thousands more are in serious humanitarian crisis.

Do your part in helping the innocent women and children of Palestine. Please donate to Aman Palestin, a Malaysian non-profit NGO that is directly involved with humanitarian relief in Palestine.

I personally know Dr Zainur Rashid, one of the upper echelons of Aman Palestin and I have faith and trust their movement.

Donate via bank transfer to Aman Palestin Bhd

Maybank account no: 5622 6301 10787

Bank Islam account no: 1202 9010 0478 80

Please visit their website at for more information.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are two sides to every story.
it may be that Hamas has drastically decreased their rocket attacks but that is not what a ceasefire is about. it is a complete cessation of attacks. Zero.
and if they launch even one attack they have violated the ceasefire. in that regard, although israel's response is exaggerated, it is not unprovoked.

05 January, 2009  
Blogger Azman said...

We have to consider the situation there. Hamas isn't fronting the fight alone. There are pockets of individuals and splinter groups who are working towards the same goal but are unaffiliated to Hamas. How is it possible that Hamas control these independent groups? Of course Israel won't see it that way. A rocket crossing their border is a rocket nonetheless, be it from Hamas or other militant groups.

Changes don't happen overnight, and to speed change, we should encourage even the slightest action that move towards the positive. Marked reduction of attacks by the Palestinians should have been rewarded by lifting the blockade gradually. Waiting for a clear day before lifting the blockade is like asking for the impossible.

Only by gradual encouragement and positive reinforcements that behaviours towards peace can be cultivated.

The Israeli knew that ceasefire will not be completely fulfilled. When the time is right, they march 20km or so inland towards the Palestinian. After a few months, they back up 15km or so and call for a ceasefire, effectively winning 5km worth of border shift. This has been going on for years.

Like a perfect match of rugby, but with F-16s, Apache helicopters and human lives.

05 January, 2009  
Blogger zulhassan said...

Apa pula kesatuan Arab buat ??? Demo, kutuk, maki atau berpeluk tubuh sahaja.

Terpikir pula, Kesatuan Arab tu ada ke bagi derma atau sebarang bantuan pada Palastin tak kiralah senjata atau wang ringgit atau ketenteraan.

07 January, 2009  

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