Saturday, January 10, 2009


Friday was the dateline for me to submit the Borang Maklumat Diri (BMD) form. It's basically an application for housemanship placement.

As usual, one of the fields that I have to fill was the Bangsa: field. I was very tempted to write 'Malaysia'. Thinking of the possibility that they might reject my application, I wrote 'Melayu' instead.

I would understand the necessity to specify my bangsa as Melayu if I was filling an application form
for a spot in MRSM, boarding school or the local matric program (90% of the available slots are designated for Bumis), or applying for UMNO membership.

We're talking about a job application and placement here. Does it really matter?

I can't imagine this sort of conversation taking place in the Ministry of Health office:

"Ni budak Cina nih, kita hantar pegi Terengganu lah."

"Dia ni Melayu, bapak businessman. Kasi dia hospital kat Sarawak sana."

"Orang Asli tu kira bangsa sendiri ke Melayu jugak?"

"Sikh tu kira sama macam India ke macam mana?"

"Kalau bangsa Jawa, dia ni kira warganegara ke bukan?"

"Budak ni kata dia Iban. Macam mana nak settle ni?"

"Adusss!! Apa pasal dia ni pegi taroh Bugis?? Bagero betul budak nih."

"Dia nih tulis Lain-lain. Biar betik!"

But then again, this is Malaysia. We'll never know. What do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that it is unnecessary/buang mase/discriminating.

I wonder what really happens to that piece of info?

11 January, 2009  
Blogger SOO [¥] said...

doc, lawak betol la ngko nie. thanks for the laugh, it's certainly the best medicine! ;-)

12 January, 2009  
Blogger Ali said...

ada hospital 'melayu' ke kat malaysia ni?

12 January, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh.. the employees even have to fill up the "race" column of the customers in their sales record when pergi makan Pizza Hut lah..

15 January, 2009  
Blogger dochisyam said...

I suggest after your housemanship, you go to a distrct hospital Sabah Sarawak would be better. You will learn a lot there.

Good luck

16 January, 2009  
Blogger Azman said...

jjmm: Thanks!

Ali: Exactly.

Dochisyam: I will keep that in mind. I was keen to apply for QE, tapi when news about the main building came out, I changed my mind. Hopefully they can get a functioning building up in 2 years time.

18 January, 2009  
Blogger jon hafkian said...

bugis is bumiputra la.haiyo,those bugis mostly settle in tawau.malay is bumiputra,but bumiputra is not neccessarily malay.

java is not malay la.if he's malay,it must be shown in his birth tua2 tu lain la,they already come to this country before merdeka and assimilate with muda skrg ni ada lagi ke yg jawa?

22 January, 2009  
Blogger Azman said...

I wasn't questioning who's bumi who's isn't. If you noticed, what I wrote are fictional one-liners. It's not at all my views.

And assimilation of people from Jawa in Malaysia, I have my reservations on that view.

22 January, 2009  

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