Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia.

Tomorrow the Nation celebrates its 50th anniversary of independece.

Way back before 1957, Malaysia was infested, infected and... errr.. bla-bla-bla-ted.

Then in few events preceeding 31st August 1957, Malaysia was resuscitated, given a few course of antibiotics, antivirals, IVIG, inotropes, lock, stock and barrel, afterwhich it recovered from the infection on the day mentioned.

Following that, the Nation went through multiple courses of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and the occasional group therapy. Some even mentioned it joined Independent Nation Anonymous, but no one would know for sure. Follow ups are done annually.

Despite few cuts, lumps and bumps, there are nothing too serious that a band aid can't handle. Well, maybe except in 1969 when the Nation had a massive autoimmune reaction. And who could forget the asthmatic attack of 1997. Boy, were we out of breath or what! But the Nation survived and stayed on course.

As Malaysia continues to thrive, sometimes it forgets the foundation of the founding of the Nation. Like plastic surgery, it tends to focus on certain body parts. Less vivacious body parts, well, they're put on hold. At least that is what the Nation thinks, I think. But wouldn't it nicer and more meaningful if the Nation's beauty is natural, unartificial and whole-bodied?

The Nation will once again attend its annual follow up tomorrow. Tomorrow, the Nation will see the result of some tests, of which indicates what's been done in the last one year is helping to sustain a better and healthier life of Malaysia.

Happy Birthday Malaysia. Eat well, exercise, take enough sleep, and always have a good mood. Don't forget to take your medications too. We'll take a look at you again next year.



Blogger faie said...

Uhhh ... hate to break it to you, dude, but Malaysia was born on 1963. Malaysia's 50th birthday would be in 2013.

01 September, 2007  
Blogger Abu Soffian said...

Bendera ko nampak real n menarik la

05 September, 2007  

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